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Day 2 is: Which anime character's are you like?
I thought this was fun because this ended up being a collaborative piece between my husband and me. So we narrowed it down to 2 because, honestly, if I wanted to be nit picky there would be little things from a bunch. So here we go! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

First- Kushina Uzimaki

I absolutely adore her for many reasons, but what I like most is how much we actually have in common.
Growing up, I got bullied a lot for having red hair and freckles (Kids are cruel). It also got me in a lot of trouble. While I didn't physically fight, I have a sarcastic mouth, and I was loud and willing to voice my opinion. It wasn't until I was older that I appreciated it and then fell in love with my red hair and freckles. I even met my husband in high school and got married before I graduated.
Now, I have kids, and while they talk to me about EVERYTHING and they aren't scared in the least to ask me questions, they are terrified of the mom side when they do wrong and they know they did wrong. No I don't beat them, but I will strip them of all their cords and on occasionally I have popped them for various reasons (like talking back earned them a quick pop on the back of the head).
My anxiety over something bad happening to them is way over the top. I can't even begin to tell you the kind of stuff that runs through my mind on an average day, and most of it is so outrageous I even scare myself. Yay, for overactive imaginations!
And just like Kushina, I am fiercely protective of my loved ones. I'm not the one to fuck with If I think any of them are in danger. That natural fiery redhead instinct kicks in and I wind up seeing red and on a war path. Thankfully it has only happened twice and my calmer natured husband stopped me before I did anything stupid.
Which Brings us to...

Erika Karisawa

Just like Kushina, Erika is extremely protective of her friends. Even though she still knows how to have a good time with all of them. But, what makes Erika so appealing to me that is different from Kushina?

She's a huge otaku!

Anime, manga, sci-fi, pop culture...! You name it and we love it all. And yet, keeping that calm demeanor at times can be crucial, but we know when to let loose and completely fangirl when we need to!
That's right! Anything BL related and shipped makes us extremely intrigued. And those closest to us know all about it, and yet still stick around to be friends with us. For all of our weird thoughts and twisted way of seeing things, we are never quite alone.

And best of all...

She ships Shizaya! As many pairings as I have shipped and still ship, this my number one OTP. Look at her little hands gripped into tight little fists, those rosy cheeks, and sparkly eyes! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is the Shizaya look, and we all get it.
For now I think that is it, otherwise I feel like this card will go on forever!
Hope you enjoyed the card! (ノ*゜▽゜*)