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Genre: Angst, College AU
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Length: 587 words
Summary: He was bad news. So why couldn’t I keep away?
Part: 10/10
So that was the story of how me, the ‘Nerd’ got together with Kim Taehyung. Once everyone got over the initial shock of us two being together, everything was fine. I made Taehyung promise that he wouldn’t mess around, and he stuck to his word. Sooyoung did eventually give up on chasing him and chastising me.
She moved the year after anyway, so that was a relief.
It took Hoseok a while after that day to be able to even look me in the eye again, despite me saying countless times that he was forgiven. He decided that although he would remain my friend, it would be best if he stayed away from Tae. Ah, that’s right- I’d also made the ‘Tae’ nickname a habit.
So Hoseok didn’t talk to Taehyung, until his sister Dawon admitted to what she’d done. The events surrounding that situation are still unclear to me, but she admitted to Hoseok that she had cheated on Taehyung.
Hoseok and Taehyung reconciled, and were now practically inseparable.
Jimin. Jimin and I didn’t really speak for about a fortnight after I found out about him and Chanmi. It wasn’t so much that I was mad (even though I was), but I think he just felt guilty about it. But even the second time round, the two of them didn’t last. More arguments followed- and the two of them didn’t speak again. Not even at graduation.
Me and Jimin were back to how we were before of course. Best friends. Tae still teased me about liking Jimin occasionally, even though I was with him. Jimin eventually found someone else anyway- an actual, decent human being. Her name was Yezi, and we got along really well.
It was Yezi who interrupted my nostalgic thoughts. “You feeling OK?” I wordlessly nodded, smoothing out my clothes. “C’mon on”, she hummed. “Let’s go.” She linked her arm in mine, and led me out of the empty room.
“Relax y/n. It’s gonna be great.” I just smiled at her. She opened the door to the next room across and my breath hitched. Everyone turned around and saw me. But I was no longer that anxious little school girl everyone could mock.
My head held high, I started to walk across the room, Yezi supporting me. This wan’t just any old event. This was the most important day of my life- so far. I spotted Tae, giving me his signature grin. He looked dashing in his suit. I don’t think I’d seen him look so smart since graduation.
Next to him was Jimin, looking just as smart. Hoseok was also stood there, smiling warmly.
Yezi walked me all the way to Taehyung, before moving behind me. I smiled appreciatively at her and turned to face Taehyung. He mouthed ‘I love you Nerd’ and I lightly hit him on the arm. To my dismay, his go to endearment term hadn’t become ‘honey’ or ‘sweetheart’, or anything normal. It had become ‘Nerd’.
I mouthed back ‘Love you too asshole’. Yep- you guessed it. Asshole had become mine.
Looking back, I was glad I had taken up Tae’s invitation to that house party years ago. I was glad I gave him a chance. Because, now, stood before me was a grown up version of that boy who messed around. Stood before me was a man I would spend the rest of my life with.
Whether he liked it or not. I was his Nerd. And he wasn’t going to get rid of me that easy.
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OHMAGAWD DID THEY GET MARRIED?!?! PERFECT!!!!! It was short but amazing and I personally loved it in all its angsty perfection. Thank you @slayyoongi for another amazingly perfect completion to another awesomely flawless story
I loved it omfg when am I gonna find my asshole ahhhhhhhh!!!! this was definitely one of my favorites 💘💘
...wrong emoji... 😂
My heart exploded into a bunch of confetti (haha, like the "Very Nice" mv) 😭 I'm really happy that everything turned out the way it did! Thanks for the awesome work yet again :)
yay!! yay!! yay!!!
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