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Shikamaru: I'm really smart and IRS been proven I enjoy strategy games but... I'm SOOO lazy I don't do much with it (I'm not trying to sound rude about this if I do come off as rude I'm sorry) Tomoko: I am weird. I enjoy anime. I am also kind of a social out cast. Karma: I really enjoy a fight (being in it) I don't go around starting fights but if I get I challenge I will not hesitate to fight you and I'm not gonna stop until you learn your lesson(I was bullied for 10 years straight so I learned to enjoy the fight) Goku: I can eat a much that I have gotten banned from an all you can eat buffet because I take all you can eat as a challenge @hikaymm
But otakus are the best people @Animefreak484 I swear this world is fucked up
@KageTsuki040910 BC I'm an otaku
I don't see why people don't say it more often
@KageTsuki040910 Lol that's a first
XD dude you are awesome