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Characters im most like would have to be sanji. im not the best cook but when it comes to women i am big softie no matter the age 80 to 5 yrs old. if you hurt a female in front of me i'll snap. they are the beautiful gems that push us guys forward and keep some of us in check. just my thoughts.
also i sorta kinda lime usopp. i can be a little goofy at times thats because i want to see people smile when they're down. and ive always like long range weapons every since i was 10....welp that's all folks thanks for reading. @hikaymm@luffynewman@kurosakijess@hunnaballue@corywilkening@jmafw@Chrisstephens@nimm14@willowsato ...i figured ill tag some nakama as well
Hehe. I'm sneaky 😁 @DevilsSon
@KurosakiJess nevermind i didnt post that one. but thats awesome that you save them i would've never known.
Hmm. Idk, I usually save all the ones you post that I haven't seen. Maybe I just missed it! @DevilsSon
That's an awesome pic of Usopp!! I've never seen that one! (The first one)
@KurosakiJess really? i thought i posted that one already