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What's up guys, John here.

This is kind of late but I had to talk about this debut. VRomamce, otherwise known as Mamamoo's brother, has released their MV track called "She". The song is an upbeat dance track that will get you up off your feet. It has a funky, retro feel that is for ever age to enjoy. Which is shown in the MV since you see kids, adults, and old people grooving to the song. Also Hwasa of Mamamoo was featured in the MV. She played the drums and did it well.
VROMANCE includes four members who have already been recognized for their amazing vocal talent. The leader is Park Jang Hyun, and the other members are Park Hyun Kyu, Lee Chan Dong, and Lee Hyun Suk. While their name is spelt the same as the word “bromance” in the Korean alphabet, they have switched the B with a V for their English name to stand for vocalists or voices, putting their vocal talents at the forefront. Smart Idea right?
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...But that high note though!! 🤗🤗🤗