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안녕하세요 친구!!!

Welcome beautiful people, today is first day of BTOB POV Insiders with none other than Peniel (was the gif a giveaway) ㅋㅋㅋ. If you haven't seen or read what I'll be posting please refer to this card --->click aquí <--- So most of them will be transcribed (like today's) and others will be recaps and quick opinion with your comments as well....sounds good?

So fair warning: long card

Let's go!! 가자!

Q&A Session Vlog #1

Peniel chose 10 questions in total submitted by fans of course from both twitter and IG (5 English & 5 Korean) While this wasn't Peniel's first is the first one since he started to revlog again on 11 February 2016.

Do you think in English or Korean?

-When he first moved to Korean (6 years ago) he would think in English and then translate to Korean. However now that he has been there awhile he thinks in Korean and speak it and whenever surrounded by English speaking people he would think in English and speak it. No more translating in his mind.

You don't like doing aegyo, but what are your thoughts on a girl that has a lot of aegyo?

"I honestly don't care if a girl has a lot of aegyo. I just don't like doing it myself...but I don't mind if a girl does aegyo to me. I like it, so it doesn't matter." Because seriously did you see his aegyo...smh

Why did you decide to start vlogging again? What made you stop in the 1st place?

Two reasons on why he stopped: 1) he felt that he was boring his viewers. 2) Because he does his vlogs in English, his editing team had a hard time editing his videos and also with time management. He started again because he missed doing it.

오빠는 어떤여자 만나고싶다요?

What type of girl do you want to meet?

Because of their random scheduling and things, he wants to meet a girl that understands that. Even if they get out late from working and they only have a brief time to meet.."A nice girl and one that listens well." So like, I'm available and understanding...just throwing that out there.

Do you have any tips for those of us studying Korean hoping to become fluent?

-Surround, emerge yourself around Korean people if you can. Use it everyday and as for spelling...he recommends getting a bf/gf. Easy for him to say lol.

When and why did you want to become a singer?

"To be honest, I never wanted to become a singer that badly. I actually just followed my friend to an audition and I don't know what they liked about me so much that they picked me. I was always interested in music but I never thought much of wanting to become a singer. But after I came to Korea and started training, I had a lot of fun learning hoe to sing and dance and learning their charms." Maybe I should just follow my friend too...kidding.

Your favourite quote.

At the moment, his favourite quote is/was "This too shall pass". Because it reminds him to always stay humble and not take things for granted.

우리 멜로디얼 마나좋아

How much do you like Melodies?

He loves his Melodies, he thinks that love for your family, love for your fans, love for your friends is expressed in all type of ways and forms. So even though he doesn't think he's dating his fans, he loves his Melodies.

If you could have a super power, which one would it be?

-Teleportation...because that way when they finished working and have break he could teleport to the states and be with his family and teleport back when it was time to work again.

우로빠 너멜되 언 제나오나요?

When is your "I'll be your Melody" coming out again?

Still was undecided if he should continue that vlog.
Whewwww...that concludes the first POV Insiders with none other than Peniel. I know mighty lengthy but it was to get a head start of his vlogging and a few extras. Don't know about him yet? No worries check out the BTOB Member Intro card.
It's in English if you wanted to see and tag along as I do these POV Insiders with Peniel.
@Helixx gamsahapnida unnie @JamiMilsap glad you liked it @LemonLassie I can't wait to bring more :D
yes i loved this! i cant wait for more!
This is great! 😚
This is awesome! POV Insider is such a neat corner. I'm looking forward to more.
My daughter checks his vlog every single day to see if he's put up a new one.
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