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Hey Everyone, It's Zi-Mon.
as you know, one of our fellow Vinglers @BBxGD is going through a hard time right now.
Usually, we BBCs like to Party and Joke around, But Let's be serious and stop our Partying for just a Moment to let her know How much we all love her, and how much she means to all of us.
I know that it feels like a loosing battle...
and You feel like you want to give up...
But Remember that we're all Here Praying for you, Cheering you on, and we're here to pick you up when you're down.
Just know that We've Got you, and We're not going to let you give up.

Come on, BBCs, Let's Send her Our Love from this Community!

We Love You, @BBxGD

Don't give up, Stay Strong and Keep Fighting! You've Got this, and We're all Cheering you on!

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Wow... you guys .... i wasnt expecting this.... this i.. is.. ok imma cry lol... @Xoxojessica12 @firstladyofaomg @CosmicCassidy @DasiaB @Astrohelix thank you guys 💙
You're so close! You can do this
@BBxGD No problem.💝
Everyone is giving hope to you, and with all my heart I give you my hope as well!
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