Yo, so if you guys knew me from when I first joined Vingle, or in some cases if you knew me when I first found Big Bang (my family lmao that's it) then you would know that the tall, awkward, devastatingly handsome rapper who can't dance was my Ultimate Bias from the start. If you follow along with my cards, or you just stumbled across it, you might have seen THIS. The fateful day I realized that in fact, Seungri is my Ultimate Bias.
However, I still relate to T.O.P the most. That bastard, he haunts me every day.
So, how do I relate to T.O.P, you say?
Well, shall we start this list? With pictures! Cause he's too pretty not to be shown off.

Reason Numbah 1! Appearances. So does everyone know about Choi Seunghyun's major glow up?

He was a chubby kid, who wasn't well liked in school. I was also a chubby kid who wasn't well liked in school (until high school).
But NOW he's BEAUTIFUL! (Honestly he wasn't so bad before in my opinion.) AND SO AM I! *flips hair* Well I just look better than before, ya know? Lost some weight, took care of my hair and skin, got some good ole' contacts, started being more out going and all that. Yee, people seem to like me now. Who knew?

Reason Numbah 2! Dark Backstory. A long long time ago, in a galaxy that we are in right now, I found an 'interview'. T.O.P "wasn't a good student"!

"I had absolutely no interest in school and started to hang around “the
problem teens”, as the adults would say. They are my most precious friends now
but in our society, people would refer to them as bad influences. When I was
growing up, I saw a lot of things I shouldn’t have seen and experienced a lot that
I shouldn’t have.
It was also during this time where emotions were running high and a lot
of things weren’t going as planned. It was the first time that I experienced what
the feeling of “being hurt” and “scared” was. Even though I was doing things the
adults didn’t want me to do, my friends doing meaningless things were also a
problem. Compared to those who were trying to positively affect these children
again, I hated the adults who punished without reason. Rather than teaching
children what was right, they used punishment to make these children fall
deeper into the hole..and because of this constant hurt and outburts, they turned
for the worse.
The adults labeled these children who had just entered high school as
“problem teens”, while the parents cried because they “raised a juvenile
delinquent”. Even for those who, in the beginning weren’t doing much harm, but
after being kicked out of school, transferred to a new one and having the label as
a “problem child” made them fall deeper into their delinquent activities.
I slowly started to fall into a dark hole myself after watching my friends
change around me."
This is what T.O.P said about his high school experience. It only got sadder from there, until it turned around of course. It was inspirational, motivational, and ... familiar to me. The same thing happened to me, as early as 5th grade. I hung out with high schoolers and middle schoolers that did everything kids should not do. When I entered middle school, I started to get into fights and do other things KIDS SHOULD NOT DO. I felt no one cared about me so why should I care about me. In high school, my freshman year was the last I had been an idiot. I quit everything. I turned around, I'm doin' doin' doin' doin' good. (Kitti B reference y'all!)

Reason Numbah 3! Dancing. (WE CAN'T!)

Yeah, folks I think T.O.P actually dances better than me... like I'm on Seokjin's robot dance level. Maybe lower. I CAN'T DANCE AT ALL AND IT'S EMBARRASSING CAUSE I'M A GIRL BUT WHATEVER MAN! I legit just recently learned how to 'club dance' a.k.a grind. I'm not a good date to take to your school dance, I'll only make people laugh at us. But on the other hand, I really don't give a f- LIKE T.O.P here! He still does his silly little dances, cause it's fun and he know he's cool anyway. And I'm just a dork so I dance however I can cause life is too short to worry about stupid things like that.

Reason Numbah 4! Personality. Yeah, we're a lot alike. I dig classy things, and I tend to be pretty quiet and thoughtful most of the time. And a lot of people call me mysterious and 'cool. *snorts* They just don't know me well honestly.

I feel T.O.P is the same as me, in that aspect. He's pretty quiet and gives off a sexy vibe because he looks so damn unapproachable. (I legit was told the reason I always have a seat alone on the bus is because everyone is too intimidated by my looks and vibe. I JUST SIT THERE! I WANT PEOPLE TO SIT WITH ME!) But T.O.P is actually a silly silly boy. Just as I am... completely insane and much too loud when with friends. (Vouch for me? @CosmicCassidy) Also I enjoy classy things like he enjoys art and wine. And toys, I will forever love toys. They just... they draw you in man. I have a million stuffed animals and I'm already 18 but god knows I'll have some of them FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! (Try me future husband. You ain't getting rid of Froggy. Froggy will be sleeping on your side of the bed if you even try.)

And the final reason. Reason Numbah 5! Hip Hop Lovers, SON! He's a rapper, and I happen to fantasize about being good enough to be a rapper all the time. (Bahahaha. I could never.) I love hip hop. Old school, trap, even that weird club rap they have now. Bring it on!

I didn't know Korean hip hop was so good alright? And T.O.P happened to be the one to introduce me to it. I heard his flow and I was like "Ey, he's rapping? He's not bad." And so I went on to his solo stuff and was like "EY I DIG THIS!" And so I noticed other kpop rappers, (Rap Monster and Suga, Zico, Bang Yongguk and Zelo, Bobby, Mino) as well as digging into some of the REAL KHipHop (AOMG, Illionaire, Giriboy, Eh Keith Ape occasionally, you know how it be.)
I still like American hip hop more to be honest, probably cause I don't need subtitles to try to rap or sing along. Also I can never take Kendrick, Cole, Logic, Gambino, Kanye, or T.I. outta my life.
Nah, I love everything about T.O.P. He's my boy. The one who got me into kpop you could say... and I love him so much more when I know that I can connect with him on such a personal level. Isn't it great to know an idol you love understands you? Gives you a little hope... a little extra push for whatever you want to do today. I love it.
Thank you T.O.P, for being there all these years. I'm sorry you couldn't stay the UB but somehow I don't think you mind that much. After all, I really love all the Big Bang members the same. That's what it means to be V.I.P! Hope you enjoyed today's card. I put out some real personal stuff but I'm not so ashamed because I've changed and I'm better in every sense of the word.
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