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That'd be a great one to do... Make an FX brain & make & exploding finger puppet to pop out of it on cue... Make a script about how something made Barney's head sick & you're the brain surgeon who's going to fix 'em! Then, in one explosive act, the viscious brain puppet explodes taking Barney & you out while leaving hordes of kids either cheering or in therapy for the next decade...
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.... @StarRainTearBow do you like just watch this type of stuff or is this actually coming out of your mind cause that is beyond anything sick I could think of.... ITS AWESOME CX
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LOL ...Its ALWAYS improvised with me... every second of it, all the time... (just don't ask me what I said yesterday or last week, Barney took that part of my brain, & I will ***NEVER FORGIVE HIM!!!*** 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
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@KageTsuki040910 Best part about it is that I never have a clue whats going on, so I can chase whatever sparkles next! 馃槣 (Damn difference engines... they only say black because you say white or vice versa)
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XD lovely to know @StarRainTearBow
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