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Who does Sasuke kill during the Kage-Summit ? A) The Raikage B) Danzo C) Itachi D) All of the above
Question 2's Answer: To Get The 8 & 9 Tails but........ Letter A is also acceptable The Correct answer was B because if you remembered the episode where tobi/madara sent Sasuke to attack the Kage-Summit to weaken the kage enough to make them negotiate you will remember that sasuke failed and that even though he failed tobi/madara still tried to make then negotiate into giving up the tailed beasts but since they didn't he declared the 4th Shinobi War. But....... they wanted the tailed beasts to start their final step of the plan the........Tsukuyomi. So that's why I said letter A is acceptable but if this was not included letter B would be the answer.
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@AngelMartinez1 ok 馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅
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@AngelMartinez1 it's all good
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Once again B if I remember correctly
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B. Danzo
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