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1. Edward "whitebeard" Newgate like pops I love and hold my family above everything else we're all children of the sea so blood doesn't matter if I call you family we're family and I'll take on whoever to protect you and plus I joined the whitebeard pirates
2. The Strong Arm alchemist Ltd Armstrong ever since I started watching anime I've been a avid weight lifter and I was always proud of my arms and when I saw Armstrong I knew he would be my favorite in the series including others but it was when they showed the ishballen massacre that I truly connected with Armstrong, seeing a man Broken from what he was doing I've felt that pain too after each fight I never wanted to do
@SymoneBelcher @mimibumble01 @hikaymm @AutmnWinds @nekoneko @kagetsuki040910 @willowsato I'm trying to remember more but it's hard yahohohohoho
Awwwwww I was hoping to get one at 16 ....
0o0 wait seriously?!?!?!? Where did you get your first tattoo?!?!?!?
@SymoneBelcher yahohohohoho thank ya nakama
Noooiice (>y<)
That's cool
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