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Kookie Monster Part 9
Yey the ball came back to me really fast!. I think soon were going to have to slow it down, give people a chance to breath in between chapters lol. Anyway this is a short chapter for you all! Anyway If you missed Chapter 7 here is a link! And if you missed Sarah's update here is a link for Chapter 8!
Jenni made it all the way to the couch before she laid down, Sarah took the blue chair and got comfy. “You better not be falling asleep again” Sarah said. “Oh come on, I’m sleepy” Jenni whined. “I am too. But I want to talk” she said. “Okay fine. Oh and how do you get that being a double date? How was that a date?” Jenni questioned. Sarah just laughed. “You are so oblivious.” she said. “No, seriously. How do you get that being a date? It wasn’t as if they had said it, in fact it was them randomly showing up and saying let’s go somewhere. I thought we were all just hanging out” Jenni explained her reasoning. “Maybe for you, you two slept the entire time” Sarah laughed. “Not true. Before that we were talking a bit.” Jenni said. “Oh what did you two talk about?” Sarah sounded intereged. “Are we going to be exchanging stories?” she asked and Sarah just nodded so Jenni moved to sit instead. She grabbed the Doctor who pillow and held onto it as she started to talk. “Well we didn’t talk about to much but the main thing was finding out why we were acting like we were old friends. He said he liked my energetic energy and I was comfortable to be around. Although after that we were talking about stealing his socks and taking Kooki’s shirts” Jenni laughed at remembering that. “What?” Sarah looked confused. So Jenni explained how she couldn’t fit into namjoons socks so instead she would take his shirts but he didn’t want his shirts stolen so he offered up Kooki’s shirts instead. “You can’t steal his shirts!” Sarah said than laughed. “No no please do! Than that boy will have to go shirtless everywhere.” “Until he buys more” Jenni said. “Don’t ruin the image for me” she said. “Yea so me and Kooki got closer when we were together. A lot closer than you too” Sarah said. “What, wait Sarah please don’t tell me that you two were necking in the middle of the park and getting all lovey dovey” Jenni squealed. “No” She said defensively. “I wish. No we were just playing around in the water fountain and than he kissed me” she said. “Oh my god, you two kissed!” Jenni exclaimed jumping up and down in her seat. “Just on the cheek” she said. “That’s still really good. I mean the kid is like terrified of woman normally isn’t he?” Jenni questioned. “WHich had me confused why he didn’t seem like that we me, uh, us” she said including Jenni which made her laugh. “But he said that we were crazy enough that he felt comfortable.” “That’s similar to what Namjoon said. Sarah I think our crazy has paid off for something at least” Jenni laughed. The two of them giggled like high school girls over the new relationships happening to them. “Can we watch the drama that came out now? I left off at episode 6 and two more came out” Jenni said changing the subject. “Yea sure” Sarah nodded. “What time is our second show?” she asked. “Um 12 to 5. Than tomorrow is the weekend so we have the weekend off” Jenni said. “Why is our scedule so weird” Sarah laughed but Jenni just shrugged. “Hey we get weekends off and nights off. We do a show at 4 a.m and another at noon monday thru friday. That’s better than any other job I’ve had” Jenni said. “True, true” Sarah said. Needless to say neither of them got any sleep on their break and had to go back in around eleven thirty to make their show.
Okay I know I did a short one. I just wanted to do the girl talk lol I'm leaving the second half of the radio show to Sarah! Let's see what crazy topic she can come up with to talk about! Oh gosh I hope it's something to do with who would be the first to die in a killer movie, that would be epic. lol (Yes I'm giving you idea's! lol) So @SarahVanDorn I'm now throwing Kookie at you! What you gonna do next!
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@SweetDuella I will take that kookie.....and say what he said this morning...Jhope would be the first to die because of how excited he was lol
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@SarahVanDorn dude. that's why that idea was in m head. lol
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JHOPE would be the first to die in a horror movie. He'd be the one screaming bloody murder as everyone else ran.
a year ago·Reply
@JaxomB lol I figured he'd be the easiest target lol
a year ago·Reply