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Ch.10 Title: SHE'S GONE AGAIN Sunlee pov. I woke up in jimin arms. I smiled and played with his hair for a bit until I notice he started to wake up. " Your up early" "Yup" "Are you feeling well?" "Yeah I'm feeling a lot better thanks jimin*pecks his cheek*" "That's good*smiles*" I wanted to get out from the bed but jimin pulled me closer to him. "Stay with me I'm still tired" "Alright" I ended up sleeping for an hour. It was now 9:25am. Jimin was still sleeping so I slowly tried to move away from the bed. Once I was out i went to the bathroom to wash my face. Once I got out of the bathroom i went back to the bedroom and seen jimin still sleeping. "Aigoo" was the only word that came out my mouth that time. I went down stairs and started cooking. I was soon startled by jimin arms that wrapped around my waist. "Jagiya" "Hm" "What are you making" "Something you love to eat" "Jinja!" "Hm Now go sit down!" "Okay" I giggled and put the food on the plate. "Here you go Park Jimin" " Gomawo Eomma!" "your welcome my son" Me and jimin sat there quietly eating our food until jimin spoke. "Sunlee" "Hm*while still eating*" "Where going to go see my members today" " WHAT!!! REALLY!!" "Neh" "Why didn't u tell me earlier" I said then quickly put my plate in the sink and ran to the bathroom and took a quick shower. After I was done I ran to the bathroom and quickly changed into a pair of black ripped jeans and a white T-shirt that said Swag on it. I brong my pair of Jordans that was black and white but with the number 23 on top. I put on some mascara and eyeliner ( you know how Kpop idols are with their eyeliner) and some a pink chapstick to make my lips alittle pink. I came out into the living room and told jimin that I was ready to go. He stared at me for a while and then he said okay let go, he smile while he said that. Jimin pov. //Wow she looked beautiful I can't take my eyes off her// While taking sunlee to my members dorm we held hand while I was driving. Soon we had reached the dorm. I got out of the car and went to the other side to open the door. She got out and kissed my cheek. "Thanks" I smiled at her and locked my car and we went in side. I was walking the hallways to the dorm "HA! Here it is!" I walked in the door. Sunlee pov. " Yah jimin-ah!!!!" -hobi "Ah annyeong hyung" "Whos the lady?*he said smiling*" "Oh hyung that's my fiance" "Wow Jinja! Annyeonghaseyo Jung Hoseok but u can call me J-Hope" "Neh Annyeonghaseyo Oh Sunlee-imnida " "Wow YAH JIMIN BROUGHT HIS FIANCE HOME GUYS!!!!" WHAT!!!-BTS They ran quickly towards us. "Wow Annyeonghaseyo Kim Taehyung but they call me V." "Annyeonghaseyo Oh Sunlee" "Annyeonghaseyo Kim Seokjoon but you can call me Jin." "Annyeonghaseyo Min Yoongi but call me suga" "Annyeonghaseyo Kim Namjoon but everybody calls me Rap Monster" "Annyeonghaseyo Jeon Jungkook-" "Wait Jeon Jungkook OMG Wa look how tall you grown." "Wait Sunlee Oh Sunlee wa Jinja yepo." "Wa Jeonie how've you and your family been?" "Good Yours" " Good" " Can't believe you still remember me and my nickname you gave me" " Aigoo of course I still remember u and your nickname do you remember mines?" " Of course Sunnie Jimin pov. //How do they know each other?// So we soon went to go sit down on the couch. Sunlee was next to me putting her head on my chest. " Jagi" " Hm" " How do you know jungkook?" " I was his best friend back in high school. He always got picked on so I stood up for him. He's like my little brother." "Oh good to know you stood up for him." "Yep" Me and sunlee stayed in that position for a couple hours it was now 6:56 pm. Soon I notice that she fell asleep. I slowly got up and put sunlee head on the pillow. I went to my room that I shared with V. I seen v on the floor talking to someone it sounded like a girl,but they were arguing. He seen me walk in and said I'll talk to you later! "Oh annyeong hyung" v said in a awkward voice. " Who was that V?" "Oh t-that was my ex girlfriend" "Oh what did she want?" "She told me that I was the father of her child but I know I'm not because I caught her and the guy she was with doing it." V started to break down. "Aigoo gwenchana taehyung-ah" I said while rubbing his back. " Hyung i-i loved her so much and I find out she only used me" V sobbed harder when he spoke. "Ay you'll be okay there's still more girls out there for you. You just have to wait." " Thanks hyung for being there for me"   V said with a sad smile. " No problem" "Hyung do you know if you can ask sunlee if one of her friends are single" "Umm I guess" "Thanks hyung" I walked out of room and to find sunlee gone and the door open.  I found a note on the couch it said "OH MY GAWD Jimin oppa I'm one of your biggest fan you belong to me I have your precious girlfriend with me if you want her come find me! Sincerely  Shin Sajoon P.S. I LOVE YOU JIMIN GUYS!!!!! They ran to the living room. "What happened!" -RM Sunlee gone! . . . ~Calling DaeYong~ "Hey hyung" "Daeyong do you know who Sajoon is" "Yep wait Shin Sajoon" "Yeah how do you know her?" "When I still was together sunlee Sajoon was her best friend until she found out sunlee was dating me. Sajoon had a HUGE crush on me. She told me that she liked me and she asked me out. I rejected her and I asked sunlee out. That's when Sajoon found out and she told sunlee that she's ruining her life and she's going to ruin her life." "Oh..... Well there's a problem daeyong and I need your help because you know sunlee past and you know her more." "So what the problem Hyung?" "Sajoon kidnap sunlee. So she gone!" Wait SHE'S GONE AGAIN!!!