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So I've been on a SHINee live performance binge and I have just fallen for them even more.
Their live vocals never cease to impress me. And thier presence on stage....its something that can't be duplicated. Here are some of my favorite live performances.

Odd Eye

Firstly can I just say how good they all looked in this. The dance, the vocals, Key's eye killed me.

One Minute Back

Yes to everything about this song. There's not much to say about this except they freaking killed it. The harmony they had was unreal and I about died.

Close The Door

This performance was the very definition of majestic and beautiful. I did question Key and Onew's wardrobe but the rest of them looked breathtaking. Then their voices!!!! Jonghyun took the cake for this one no lie.

Love Sick

One of my favorite SHINee tracks of all time. I'm pretty sure I've watched every live performance of this song because its so good. Its just so cute!!! Jinki to me stood out the most but Key caught my attention too. Overall just an awesome performance.
Hey~ i love your posts! Can you tag me?
They are so amazing live in concert, too!!
omg that odd eye performance was killing me! I saw them in chicago they were amazing.
I love them so much!!
I'm am seriously dying over their SHINee world I Seoul IV of excuse me miss 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏 keys part just slays me every time and I love that song they're voices are so sexy with it. I love SHINee
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