This is for the New Playlist Challenge for @MattK95 & @Taijiotter :) I love challenges having to do with music, so when I saw it my heart and brain teamed up and were like DO IT YEL, JUST DO IT! So I'm doing it. Here we go!
This ranges from hip hop to electronica, to typical kpop to other weird shtuff. Are ya ready?

As you can see, Dean and Zico's Pour Up is THE most played song on my phone. Now that doesn't really include other places or devices I use to listen to music. (Spotify and YouTube) Still this is a BOMB song by two BOMB artists.

Favorite part of the song:
I will do you tonight, private special
Do it stage Show me the fantastic harmony
(Show me what you got)
Zico's rapping in that part gets me so hyped, and then the little SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT is surprisingly sexy. Love it.

Jay Park dominating my charts. He just has the kind of music I love fam. So in order from most to least played of his tracks (which are at the top of my list in general) are:

1. Mommae ft Ugly Duck
No surprise here to be honest. I love sexy songs so much.
Favorite part of the song:
They aint fucking with us ahh nah
They aint fuckin with us
This aint dj mustard this is gray on the beats
Bitch its aomg we do it properly leggo
Jay's rapping in this part is on point, dripping with swagger and confidence and I LOVE that he says "this is Gray on the beats" he sure knows how to rep! You go Jay! Your whole team!
2. My ft. Lil Boi x In This Bitch
These two are together cause when Jay released the video they were together, and I love them both about the same. Sick songs, both about fucking the haters and loving the support.
Favorite part in My:
But take a look at my life
the hater’s i made ’em
all shut the f*ck up
middle’s in the sky
it’s just me my crew
my team my squad my fan’s
my fam and God and God
Again the repping is awesome, and I love that he put his faith in there as well. I'm not even that religious but there's something about it that just makes me wanna go "you right Jay, you right"
Favorite part in In This Bitch:
Cause she got yellow fever
yeah believe it
i’mmah take her home tonight
so these hater’s gon’ hate
cause i got a pretty face
I love the way he sings those lines, with that little whine to it. He know he's good shit, he knows what's going on around him too. 10/10!
3. End of Me (Acoustic Ver.) Yeah, a slow song. I love this one cause it really shows off his vocals, and the lyrics are beautiful. I love listening to it when I'm a little sad.
Favorite part of the song:
Let's take a look at me, I am so sick
I am so hurt girl I need a doctor
The way he sings it feels like he's actually showing his desperation and it's pretty relatable. When you lose your lover it often feels like you're physically in pain.

Two Block B songs. (Kind of. A Block B song and a solo by Taeil.) In order of most to least:

1. Movie's Over
This is my favorite Block B song. I like the vocals in it, the meaning of the lyrics, and the melody. It's weird, with a group like this I would think I'd go for one of their really hype songs but I ended up loving this one the most.
Favorite part of the song:
Movie’s over. The movie’s over.
The curtain rings down as soon as the movie starts.
Bye bye good bye bye
Don’t make it bad oh girl. Please just leave me.
The story was like a dream.
Our relationship is over this time. It’s over.
Uh uh it’s over uh A~!
The entire chorus, sung by Zico, is my favorite. It makes the song my favorite. The little "Bye bye good bye bye" reminds me of being so angry at someone that you act like the break up isn't even anything to worry about for you and I love that.
2. Where Are You (Where You At) Solo by Taeil
I love Taeil's vocals. It's the main reason he's my bias wrecker in Block B. This song shows them off well, and it's just so pretty.
Favorite part in the song:
Why, when you were trying to fit in with me
when you couldn’t look forward to yourself
when you were in so much pain because of my selfishness, why didn’t I know?
The bridge is really emotional, and Taeil sings it so well I almost cry every time. The meaning behind the lyrics is also something I love, it's so sad. I love sad songs almost as much as sexy songs!

G-Dragon also seems to take up two of my slots, with guests. Well when you're a VIP, you can't really help loving him. From most to least:

1. Crooked
I love the story, the sound, the rapping and the MV of this song. I think it's his best solo.
Favorite part of the song:
Leave me alone
I was alone anyway
I have no one, everything is meaningless
Take away the sugar-coated comfort
Tonight, I’ll be crooked
The chorus is basically a combination of everything that people feel when they've been wronged. You feel as though you've been all alone the entire time and maybe you'd act out in spite. Basically the anthem of teenagers.
2. The Leaders ft. Teddy and CL
This is a sick song, with sick people. I'm not really that much of a fan of GD's rapping, I like his vocals more BUT this song makes me reconsider. Also... Skydragon :3
Favorite part in the song:
My name is G G G G baby baby
GD GD baby baby
You wanna flame?
You want fame? Playin’ your stupid little game
You should check your girl’s phone
That’s my face in the frame
Admittedly I like GD's parts the most in this song... the way he says "That's my face in the frame" gets me every time.

As a VIP, I saw this coming before I checked the most played songs. Big Bang is on here of course. What song you ask? Well none other than Fantastic Baby!

It always makes me wanna get up and dance.
Favorite part of the song:
Nananana Nananana Wow Fantastic Baby
Dance I Wanna Dan Dan Dan Dan Dance Fantastic Baby
Dance I Wanna Dan Dan Dan Dan Dance Wow Fantastic Baby
Those lyrics, a masterpiece right? Well in a way, yes. They somehow NEVER fail to get me singing along and moving (even on the bus, how embarrassing) so I play it over and over. And TOP's deep voice going "Wow, fantastic baby" in my ear is orgasmic.

As well as a VIP, I am a HARDCORE baby. Yep, B.A.P. are my boys! So of course I have a most played song by them on here. Again, which one, you ask? So nosy! It's Save Me, if you must know.

The vocals of this song... ah. The pain in the lyrics, and most of all Yongguk's deep deep voice. Heavenly. I'll listen to it for 67 hours and never grow tired.
Favorite part of the song:
Save Me Oh Save Me
And be careful I’m like fire
From this time that has shattered because of you
Save Me Oh Save Me
And I won’t forget you liar
I can’t take it anymore, leave me (save me)
I know Daehyun is an impressive vocalist, I KNOW, but he blew me away with this chorus. And it's cute that it's in English and also fitting I think!
Also real quick (as a baby) I have to comment on the picture included with this song of B.A.P. Can we talk about how goofy they are? The fact that Daehyun and Youngjae are side by side (AS ALWAYS, DAEJAE IS REAL lmao), and the fact that Jongup more than slightly reminds me of Zico. The only one that looks remotely cool is Yongguk. I love that picture with all my heart.

Now I can't have Jay on this playlist without including my favorite artist of AOMG! LOCO, COME HERE! Two whole song! Most to least as before:

1. No Manners ft GRAY (gotta show that AOMG love)
The beat, the flow, the swag! AND THAT CHORUS! So good. Make ya turn up without your permission.
Favorite part of the song:
Scream louder to show how much you’ve held back
Just move it and break it all
Act up
Play rough
No manners (x8)
So hype! I have a fondness for a good chorus in a song. And even though no manners is said 8 times, I don't get tired of hearing it.
2. You Too ft. Cha Cha Malone (again that AOMG love)
A slow jam, but it's so good! Before I came across this song, I never knew Loco had that side to him. BUT LOCO IS A TOTAL TEDDY! I wanna hug him. Daww.
Favorite part of the song:
But in the end, you’re listening to my song
If this is the response for them calling those times a waste
I hope you’ll waste time all you want too
I hope your voices reaches their futures
Those lyrics are enough to make me tear up. This song is so emotional, especially for someone that always had dreams that were never supported. Thank you for this track, Loco. I cherish it.

I'm RUNNING OUT OF BLOCKS! The card ended up being too long. But I wanted to include all these tracks because my love is so strong. So I have to mix two of the dorkiest, sexiest, best kpop boy groups I know in this block... but that's aight. They get along well. That's right, BTS and Seventeen! A total of 4 songs! 2 from each group. Again, in order from most to least:

1. Danger
This is my BTS jam for real. They keep coming out with more and more good songs but I always come back to this one. Maybe it's cause I relate so well to the lyrics, maybe it's cause their outfits are too fierce to live in this MV, maybe it's cause the sound is what I like. It's probably all that together. Yeah, sounds about right.
Favorite part of the song:
Are you fucking kidding me? What am I to you?
Am I easy to you? Are you playing with me?
You are in danger now. Why are you testing me? Why are you testing me?
Don’t get me twisted.
Again it's the chorus. I relate to these lyrics so much it hurts. I'm so tired with people playing, like TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT OR I WILL EXPLODE AND YOU WILL CLEAN UP THE MESS! Also the choreography during this part is sick, and the sound of it of course. BTS can do no wrong in their music tho, in my experience.
2. Chuck
Yo, I didn't know Seventeen could go so hard! I love their hip hop unit, but I don't think it's up to par with rapper lines of other groups I've heard. I'm not saying they're bad! I'm a carat after all, I love these boys and all they do. But I look at it objectively, I'm sure they'll get better. ANYWAY! Back to the song! Chuck really surprised me! The beat drop, amazing. The choreo for this song, amazing. THE SWAG!? AH-MAE-ZING! Love love love.
Favorite part of the song:
(WOOZI switch it up) Thumbs up
All I see and hear is the love uh
There’s no reason to be pessimistic
Don’t get scared
When I be experimental uh
But they ain’t got no guts Dino
Okay, it's a bit silly to me for liking the name drops so much but like I DO! I love that Vernon was like interacting with the members through his rap, that's so awesome! And I just love the sound of this, Vernon is my unofficial bias. I love all of them too much to pick one for real, but I think he would be closest.
3. Intro: Never Mind (Rapper Line: Suga, Rap Monster, J-Hope)
It's just an intro track, but it's amazing. I listen to it on repeat all the time, Suga's voice is sexy but when he gets all emotional... it's really something else. And the fact he produced this too... wow. I love watching the performance of this as well.
Favorite part of the song:
I want to ask the several people who prayed for me to screw up
Does it seem like my home is going broke, you bastards
NEVER MIND it’s not easy but engrave it onto your chest
If you feel like you’re going to crash then accelerate more, you idiot
Come on
Suga has some real passion for what he does... and I love that so much. The first part is something that I dream of doing. Those words mean a lot to me, and even the swears after aren't out of place. The second part... well that's the most meaningful kpop lyrics I've ever heard to me. I wanted a tattoo of Never Mind on my chest at one point. Maybe I'll still do it.
4. Adore U (Vocal Team Ver.) (Woozi, Jeonghan, DK, Seungkwan, Joshua)
It's beautiful. No words. That's it. Beautiful.
Favorite part of the song:
Whoo, baby, yeah
I’m a little strange, I’m talking less
All of my friends are worried about me
My heart flutters when I’m in front of you
I’m sorry that I’m so clumsy
It isn't as much the lyrics as it is the SOUND of this. Seungkwan starts it off, and god knows I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT BOY'S VOICE! And then DK goes in, and I die. It's just too good. I cry, I die, I try.

This one... I'm scared to say because a wild @CosmicCassidy might appear. I can't get this song out of my head. I really... I just... it's everywhere. It's always there. I'm always using it. So- more AOMG love over here guys. It's Simon Dominic by... Simon Dominic.

Do I need to explain this? It's fucking catchy as fuck. And also... it's good. It's deep, it's passionate. I dig it. He's a cool dude.
Favorite part of the song:
Simon Dominic
Simon D
Simon says
Do I really need to explain why?

... it's back. It's never really gone. Always in the back of my mind. The time that Seungri ruined me with one song, one MV, one nearly shirtless escapade. Yeah, it's Strong Baby ft G-Dragon.

He's my UB, how can I not listen to his songs? And like I've said at the beginning of this amazingly long card... I LOVE SEXY SONGS!
Favorite part of the song:
Y’all like this man
Yo, your boy GD and yall know VI ready to blow
(Victory) His stage, His Show, His Moves, His Flow
And holding nothing back just letting it go- fa sho~
Show em’ what you got Bro
Hey sexy (crack crack crack crack)
Tonight you know (crack crack crack crack)
I”m a strong baby (crack crack crack crack)
Put on my jacket and than…
That entire beginning fam, I'm not even joking. I love that whole thing to bits. Cause... Nyongtory, cause Seungri is trying to be sexy, cause GD is encouraging it. It's hilarious but also like seriously kinda hot?

Okay... this song... I don't think it fits GOT7, but I love it. So this is U Got Me.

I mostly love it because Jackson's parts are hilarious! But also it sounds nice!
Favorite part of the song:
So lady tell me what you want
I’ll try to get you what you want
Or maybe tell me what you like
I’ll try to get you what you like
Cause you got me feeling so high
Imma make you be my girl
No matter what it gonna take ha
Yup I ain’t no born player
So why not give a shot I mean I ain’t no liar
Reject me or take me it’s your choice girl
But I bet you’ll go crazy with just my voice
Jackson's entire verse. His voice is sexy as hell in this song, and I like the flow of it. Also...
I like the part in the very beginning where Jackson goes "swagger like me" because it makes me laugh every time.

I literally heard this song for the first time like a week ago, or less? I don't even know. IT WAS REALLY SOON! But I listen to it LITERALLY like 5 times a day now. I fall asleep listening to it. I'm dead serious. OMGT by MADTOWN!

Favorite part of the song:
Oh my god thanks ( yeah oh god)
Oh my god thanks (ah come on, come on, come on, come on, come on)
Oh my god thanks
Oh my god thanks (god thanks baby you’re so special)
It's just so freaking catchy! And I LOVE when right after the first "Oh my god thanks" Moos goes "oh god" cause it's sexy as hell and I still can't get over his name.

It's the last one! I promise! This is from my favorite man on earth at the moment. (Other than family and close friends, of course.) My UUB as I and @CosmicCassidy like to call the bias above the UB. San E, Breakup Dinner ft Sanchez.

Other than I love this man so much it physically hurts at times? The song is really good, I like the vocals, the slow rap, the MV. I dig sad songs a lot, and this is a great one.
Favorite part of the song:
Excuse me, can we get
some more water?
(My throat keeps getting dry)
Yes, everything is fine Don’t
cry, because you keep crying
Everyone’s staring at
us, stop crying
The entire song is pretty brilliant, the concept itself is amazing. The feeling of trying desperately to pretend everything is okay and be casual about it. "Everyone's staring at us, stop crying" it sounds so cold, but at the same time so sad. Ever since I heard this song, I can't stop listening to it. Sanchez's vocals are amazing as well! The chorus is so nice to listen to!
That caption is too accurate... have you heard his laugh, guys? I love it so much but it's so crazy. He's so crazy. God, I love him. Agh, it hurts again.
Aaand that's it. I say that like you didn't just spend 5 years of your life reading all this. Did you even read it? Probably not, it's cool. I understand.
Tell me if you like the songs! Tell me if there's some you don't know!
Hehe, bye bye! ~
In addition to the music selection your descriptions are so fun to read! I was silently giggling at your favorite part of the song for Simon Dominic. 😂
@MattK95 ah I'm so jealous but happy for you! Seeing him live must have been awesome and to even see a song before any releases of teasers is so cool. I'm glad you liked the playlist ^^ It was fun to make @cindystran THAT PART HAUNTS EVERY PART OF MY DAY, but I'm glad you enjoyed! :) I was also silently giggling at parts
Great list of songs!!! Thanks for participating :D I love how you wrote this ^^ I also love San E so much, I got to see him perform live in Hongdae when he was promoting his song "Like an Airplane" I literally heard the song before the teasers even released, and I made eye contact for a moment!!! Best day ever ^^
@TheEnlightment yup we both do! *\(^o^)/*
@jiggzy19 eeeyy nice reference :3 they're amazing songs. you have good taste ;)
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