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So, its day 2! I've been out and about all day with my mom and finally got the time to make this. At first i wasnt sure who I could compare myself to, but I came up with a few, so lets get started!
Tsukimi from Princess Jellyfish Tsukimi because shes very shy and has problems dealing with people. Shes a quiet girl, but shes creative and kind. I relate to her because i am also really quiet and im very bad at socializing/making small talk with people. qwq But i do try to be nice to everyone.
Tenma from School Rumble! Now, I know i just talked about how quiet I am, but Tenma is anything but quiet. Tenma is loud, excited, and playful all the time. She likes to have fun and is very goofy. Tenma is me when im with my friends and family. Most people at my school think im that super quiet person, but when im with my friends, im the loudest, craziest, and goofiest. I suppose its because were all fangirls, so were always fangirling, ranting, and just being random half the time XD
Last, Kyo from Fruits Baskets I think me and Kyo are alike because Kyo has problems with saying his feelings and can come off mean as times, but really doesnt mean it. I put a tsundere here for @SymoneBelcher who insists that I am one. (I don't believe her xD) ANYWAY! That concludes my card. Thanks for reading it all the way down here!
YOU ARE A TSUN TSUN ! LOL and everything else is accurate! XD