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Hello everyone I'm Zephyr Blaze and I'll be going over characters I'm most like, the characters that best resemble who I am unfortunately I don't really have a specific character to tie one of my traits to but I can work around that so let's see who I'm like shall we :D

Lucifer: The Devil is a Part timer

I easily spend WAY to much time on the internet and try to spend money I don't have to spend on stuff I don't really need xD I stay indoors a lot but when tasked with outdoor activity I rise to the occasion.

Masaomi Kida: Durarara!!

I act goofy at ALL TIMES when ever I do go out or I'm talking with friends I constantly crack jokes or act silly even when I'm going through a tough time or struggling in pain someway. I believe it's always best to make others smile no matter what so that you can make their day as well as others a little bit better ya never know how a chain reaction works, you could even stop the chain of screaming ;)

Gakuho Asano: Assassination Classroom

Whas most people don't know is that I'm constantly manipulating them, I drive a conversation in a way that benefits me and get what I want out of any given situation. I'm the type to also care about my ideals and what I believe in and fight hard whilst working that manipulation to make others see it my way.

Gao Mikado: Future Card Buddyfight!

Like Gao I tend to have a short fuse I get upset at things rather quickly especially when my plan falls through for said things. It's never cool to know you plan something out and it falls through but I get upset just at the thought of it failing xD and on that note of said anger

Natsu Dragneel: Fairy Tail

WHEN I get pissed I get livid there's very little that can stand between me and my target of anger and I'll give no mercy until I'm satisfied with the outcome. I'm the type that when I explode it's nuclear and I NEVER let it go even after the situation has passed I will think of it and get pissed all over again.
So how'd I do? I know I'm probably the last person you'd want to talk to but I'd appreciate the feedback :D even if your having a bad day I hope you keep on rocking :) thanks to @hikaymm for the tag and origanl post go check it out :3
Ooh, cool to learn more about you! ^^
@CandyApple22 thank you that's what I like about this event thing is that it brings the community even closer together through understanding each other :3
@ZephyrBlaze Yeah, I was thinking that too! Its nice to learn more about the people on here!