3 years later... You and Hoseok have been dating very secretly, because BTS was really popular. But about a month ago, Hoseok announced that you guys have been dating. Many of the people gave out hate, But overall it was okay. Because the boys supported you guys and Hoseok loved you. The boys had their last broadcasting for performing 불타오르네, and now you had to go to New York for a concert. As soon as you arrived at the airport, you saw fans hollering, 'Come back safe oppa~' and some saying, 'Hobie oppa! Have a good time with (y/n)' You let the boys pass through all the people and now you were in the airplane. You were by the window, waiting for the airplane to start soaring through the air. You felt someone staring at you, you look to the side and saw hobie trying to make it look like he wasn't staring. He couldn't help but stare. The light that came from the window made an aura that was impossible to ignore. You could tell he was blushing, and gave him a quick peck on his soft and beautiful lips. Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung gave cute oohs and ahhs making you and hoseok embarrassed. After that long, long, long plane ride you and the boys went to the hotel. Because of the rehearsal for tomorrow, all the members went straight to their rooms. You could tell, they looked tired. Sharing rooms with Hoseok was something that always happened when you came out of Korea. But every time you went into the room, it was pretty awkward~^^ As hoseok opened the room for you, you went in saying, "Ah~ I'm so tired!" And Hoseok put the luggage down and jumped on the bed. "(Y/n) ah~ come over here~ I want some cuddle time!" You gave out a cute nod and went over. he invited you with a big hug. His arms locked you up and the next thing you know, his leg just came over you~ being totally trapped into hobie's cuddle jail. ☺️ You looked up and he looked down. One kiss on the forehead, on the nose, on your cheeks and then went straight to your lips. Every one of his kisses were amazing. You felt his beautiful lips conquering your whole body. His lips gave you shivers all over. Hoseok also loved the feeling of your soft lips and when you gave him a small nibble on his bottom lip, he knew he couldn't stop. It turned him on. The night got deeper, letting you two have the night of your dreams.
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