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Don't mind me, trying to clean my phone lol
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That Chesire Cat tattoo is sick!
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@danidee that it is, but I wouldn't get it. I wanted it for a while, but I was talking to my tattoo artist and she wouldn't even use the ink necessary for it. Turns out its a bunch of chemicals that have been know to cause cancer mixed together to make the ink. She doesn't know if it WILL give you cancer but she doesn't like dumping a shit ton of chems into your skin for the rest of you life. Plus the companies that make this ink are really sketchy. She told me that one of even got banned for doing business in America, because they were mixing their ink with nasty water with China, which has been found to have a flesh eating virus in it. So as wicked as it would be to get it, I wouldn't, at least not until they make it a HELL of a lot safer. But it's nice to dream
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