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This was how close I was....I took over 300 pictures and about 15 videos. I loved every moment of this concert and I just wish I could do all of it again. I am sorry the pics aren't of the best eat of quality but they are still precious memories for me. At one point in the concert like the encode part they came and walked down the aisle I was three seats in. I was so close. Then when it was time to do the hi-touch, I couldn't say anything but hi. Jr my bias was the first one I touched and his smile is so magnetic. Then it was my wrecker Yugyeom, oh such a cutie and then Jb, then Youngjae, then and Mark who said to have safe travels home and I said you too, bambam got a sup from me and finally Jackson who had a smile and said stay healthy and I nodded my head. Their hands are so soft... so hopefully I can experience them and another kpop concert soon.
@AubriePope yes they were
I was there! they were so amazing!