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When it comes to characters like me? I feel as if it's more than I can even explain on this card xD But to sum it up Im going to sum it down to 5 characters that I am most like!

Levy McGarden! : Fairy Tail❤

I absolutely LOVE to read! Doesn't matter what the size of the book is if I have it I end up reading it all xD So yes I am a little bookworm just like Levy❤

Yukihira Soma! : Food Wars!

Just like Soma-kun (xD) I LOVE to cook and I will always try beat my moms cooking TuT but momma will always be the best lol but each time I feel like Im getting better and better xD just like Soma is.

Arima Kousei : Your Lie in April❤

Just like Arima I also live in the world of music. I used to play the Trumpet & French Horn but now I only play the beautiful Piano just like Arima. I've been playing music since I was in 4th grade (Im a sophomore in College now TuT) So music has made a really big impact in my life and I dont believe it will leave me anytime soon❤

Mirajane Strauss! : Fairy Tail❤

Just like Mirajane I am sweet and very caring and most of the time always there for my family but. Just like Mira... if someone gets me mad.. I too can release my inner She-Devil as well...So watch out xD

Juvia Lockser! : Fairy Tail❤

Just like Juvia I LOVE love❤ and will do my best to fight for it doesn't matter if it's my own Gray-Sama or my Family Im fighting for all I know is that I will fight for my loves❤

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