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The hardest thing in life is trying to smiling in your darkest hour. So don't try to smile, just be, feel, you don't need to be tough right now. Its ok. We're here for you.
The second hardest thing, is telling people your fine a million times with a soft look on your face, even if your not fine.
The third hardest thing, is getting back to being yourself. Cause the bad side of your mind wants to accept that the bad in life has won, and doubt the good.
It's never easy to get over something life changing. You don't have to get over it. Accept reality, live with the bad, hope for a better next day cause that's your future. Don't count the days you live and have left, count the moments in your life and your future moments.
So go ahead and cry till you can't anymore. Cause when your done, your ready to keep fighting, smiling, and hoping. VINGLERS FIGHTING!!!!!
(this card is meant for those who are going through tough times and need to know it's ok to feel and break down, to not be strong at the time and that others are there to be strong for them. If this card has offended anyone, that was not my intention and that I'm sorry if it did offend you. the words are sad and hard to hear, but in the end, there is always light at the tunnel you just have to keep walking to find it. again, I'm sorry if this card has hurt anyone the wrong way. )
Thank you love ... this was beautiful πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™