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💥 JongPuppie Tuesdays: Schtuff Jongup Says & Does 💥

☆ HI Babyz. ♡ It's that time for A JongPuppie card.

☆ I will be focusing on the Schtuff he says and does. He's quite the adorable character, so I'm just going to elaborate on that ♡

☆ Everyone just calm down. . . This is his first time in an Elevator in Las Vegas. . . Also, it is just like the ones in Korea.

《Just in case you were wondering. I know he helped me with the understanding that they don't go from left to right. . . 》

❥ Remember folks: Always have your priorities straight ♡


❥Aha! Rocks are definitely safe from drowning infront of JongPuppie. . . He has this under control ♡

❥ Our Dancing Machine ♡

❥ HIM trying to show his sexy face. . (It comes naturally bebe. No worries)

❥ PUPPIE being a rebel. . .

❥ You're gorgeous either way bebe. No worries.

♢ If you would like to be added to the tag list, please leave a comment below ♡

❣ Baby Mod Squad ❣

☆ YAK Pak ☆

☆ Babyz ☆

☆ Until Next Week ♡

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@Nikkitty Yeasssss they definitely are a group of loveable dorks!! They are so preciosu.
a year ago·Reply
Jonguppie!!! I can't wait to see all the cards you have to show. (Along with the rest of the BABY Mod Team) But yours especially since Jongup is my ultimate bias😊
a year ago·Reply
@destiny1419 Awe thank you hunnie!! I hope they are up to par!! I hope I do your UB justice dear!! ♡♡
a year ago·Reply
please tag
a year ago·Reply
@NadineEsquivel I have you added love! Thank you ♡
a year ago·Reply