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Yaaaayyy :3 day 2 of the Manga challenge started by @SimplyAwkward and today we talk about the why we fell in love with manga. So what did it for me? was it the intricate lines? the busty girls who aren't censored? the vulgarity that spews out like water from a faucet? no young ones it was none other than INFORMATION!
Yes information is why I personally fell in love with manga. See while an anime can be a great or damn point interpretation there will always be one episode or arc or adaptation that gets it all wrong. My down right favorite Bleach is also a victim of this. Why does Shinji over react to Hiyori nearly getting stabbed? Why does Ichigo get over confident when all he did was scar his opponent why did Uryu stop using his bow? Simple questions with simple answers lack of information adapted in the manga. Hiyori was cut in half not stabbed, Ichigo made his opponent profusely bleed while scarring him, and Uryu's hand was ripped clean off. Information like this is critical to why you should be intrigued instead of confused.
But Bleach's small hit or miss blood moments isn't enough it was mangas like Air Gear that really drove this fact of lacking information to dampen the experience for the anime. With Air Gear you kiss out on the ENTIRE plot of why everything is happening but hey normal right? Studios run out of budget or sometimes don't care to continue a series.
But then you get the Soul Eaters that while on a somewhat beaten path it changes for no reason. Completely destroying Black Stars progress as he matured from previous experiences he learned how to control his power properly but the anime didn't convey that properly. Or how everything pans out with the Kishin Asura or Arachne or Medusa or ANYTHING but again, maybe just MAYBE the studio was running out of time in some form or possibly they wanted to do a full metal alchemist project put out a decent anime then put out a more accurate representation? or maybe they used enough of the potential from the manga that it doesn't really matter?
Then theres Shaman King that takes the root of both Soul Eater and Air Gear, not ending correctly and while going down a barely similar path to the manga it goes off it's own thing completely. Shaman King is the biggest victim I've ever seen in the loss of information from character progression to plot development almost everything from the manga is ripped away in the anime which is a shame but it happens. This is why my appreciation for information while appearing small is highly important to me personally.
So what about you? What made you fall in love with manga? was it the boobs?.....I bet it was the boobs xD