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Okay so I think this one is definitely a must because Bobby seriously needs more love than he gets!
Like come on! Look how adorable our Bunny is!
But damn he can be so sexy! Can you stop trying to kill us now Bobby?!
Bobby's seriously like 80% cute/adorable and 20% sexy! I've seen him acting cure more than anything. I love it!
Aaannnddd he's back to being sexy with or without trying!
Did I mention him without cute without even trying?! Bobby: Yes, yes you did. Oh...well I wouldn't repeat myself if weren't s cute with everything you do.
Let's show this boy lots more love than he's getting because it really hurts me hearing people say he's ugly and got plastic surgery! @junhwanbae92 (JuneBae) @PrettieeEmm (Chanwow) @IsoldaPazo (Dongie) @twistedPuppy (Hanbina) @resavalencia (Jinny) @VatcheeAfandi99 (Bobbina)