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Our wonderful @StefaniTre is having a hard time right now

So i made this card to cheer her up (。◕ˇ△ˇ◕)/

show her some love and tell her everything is gonna be alright ≫³≪

love you stef

Love you stef

Love you stef

If you want to be added or removed tell me in the comment section

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thanks Mandy *huggles*
a year ago·Reply
it's okay to feel like crying you can't always be strong everything will soon get better have faith you have people who truly love u
a year ago·Reply
Not really sure what's happening but let it out and don't hold back if you feel like crying because once you are done you will be much stronger and know how to face the problems you are having. Your fam is always here for you!!! 💙💙💙💙 @StefaniTre
a year ago·Reply
I love you @StefaniTre It's going to get better. You're a tough Kookie and I know you'll get through this. Keep fighting!
a year ago·Reply
@StefaniTre Hope you're doing better soon! 💜💜💜
a year ago·Reply