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Hey there! Shrimp here again with Fairy Tail Challenge Day 4: What Do You Ship Wednesday? Now, I know some of these are a little out there, but hear me out!


Don't get me wrong, I eventually came around on the Gruvia ship, but, if things had been different, I can't help but think how cool this ship would have been, pun slightly intended. Though we didn't see much of them together, they have a strong connection through Ur, and, much as I like the effect that Juvia seems to be having on him lightening up a bit, their personalities I think fit pretty well together. It hadn't crossed my mind until someone had brought it up as a crack ship in the Fairy Tail Giveaway a while back, but now I can't stop thinking about it! And now I'm crying...

Honorable Mentions

Like I said, most of these are a bit weird, but just give them a chance!

Freed x Laxus

I started out just kind of jokingly shipping this, but now I'm not so sure! Laxus is hard for me to read, but Freed is so beyond devoted to Laxus, and I think that's what started me shipping this! I bet you didn't know you needed that love triangle between Mira, Freed, and Laxus until now, did you?

Shelia x Wendy

I'm not sure to what extent or in what capacity I ship this, but I ship it! They are just so adorable and perfect together; I'm convinced they're soulmates! (I think I've seen hints that some fascinating information will come out about them past where I am, but my mental spoiler filter prevents me from looking into it)

Gajeel x Levy

Okay, I wasn't gonna do any of the big ones, but I couldn't not do a member of my top 3 OTPs! (The other 2, btw if you're curious, are Yato x Hiyori from Noragami and Seras x Pip from Hellsing Ultimate, in no particular order) On the surface, the whole opposites attract phenomenon seems like the main reason for their great chemistry, but I think it's deeper than that, stemming back to the Phantom Lord arc. I think that a large part of the reason that Gajeel is so protective of Levy is because he doesn't want to see her get hurt again like that. She recognizes that and does what she can in return. They've obviously grown to love and care deeply for each other, and I think they're just adorable!
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