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Soul Eater
He's extremely awkward and shy, just like myself. He doesn't have a lot of confidence in himself, and he doesn't do well in large groups.
Seriously, I love Chrona.. and he's basically my anime twin! (:
One Piece
He's a super harmless guy, really. But he is a MAJOR clutz! XD A lot like myself.
Nami Swan
One Piece
She may seem cowardly at times, but when it comes down to her nakama, she always shines in her time of need, for her nakama..for her crew. She'd never let anything happen to any of them. Plus, her job is most important of all the crew mates. She is the Thousand Sunny's direction, the navigator. Never letting her crew steer wrong and get lost. (Unless Zoro happens to be by himself)
@CandyApple22 agreed, feels pretty nice to be called nakama, thanks @KurosakiJess
Nami Swan!! Haha she is in a league of her own!! Awesome picks NAKAMA!!
thx for the tag, as for one piece characters I resemble Zoro all the even down to the terrible sense of direction ask @choppabelle lol she's always fixing my directionally challenged path
OML IM NAKAMA!!! People callin me nakama makes my day! THANK YOUUU! Its cool to learn more about you!
It's weird being nakama...I thoroughly enjoy it and it's rare so thank you for the tag...and it's an interesting combo of characters.
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