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Hey guys sorry I haven't been doing it I've been kinds bum out and feel kinda emotional also work started getting busy anyways I promise to do a better job from now on in every community that I am in okay!! fighting!!
first off this will forever be my favorite pictures of taeil because he just so adorable WHAT A CUTE ASS MOFO!!!! AHHH!! XD
Lee Tae Il formally known by Taeil is A member of the South Korean boy group block-b. Position: Lead Vocal Birthday: September 24, 1990 (eep!!! he a libra) Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Blood Type: AB (I heard people with AB blood type are know to have split persona or are very unique) Education: Digital Seoul Cultural Arts University Hobbies: Collecting hats, raising fish (he has a pet fish)
Fun Facts: ▪He thinks his eyes are his worst trait because they’re so small, so he wears sunglasses and hats often. ▪Taeil is the oldest of the group. ▪Attended Kim Myungki‘s Vocal Academy that artist such as Wheesung and Secret‘s Song Ji Eun attended. ▪When Cho PD first met Taeil he said to taeil “You’re cute!” ▪He trained the shortest out of all the members, but has had 6 years of vocal training ▪He has a (super cute) fish named “Super Equus”.
He has a broad vocal range and can comfortably sing high notes, plus his voice has a wonderful sweet, soft tone. Taeil never sang much R&B before joining Block B--he was more of a ballad singer--and he didn't join the group until a few months before its debut. Nonetheless, he's adapted remarkably well to R&B and hip-hop.
Taeil is the shortest group member, and that combined with his boyish looks has given rise to the nickname Baby Taeil, which he hates. He's the oldest member of the group and at first was quite shy, but he has opened up and demonstrated a wicked sense of humor.
He is one of the group's more-flamboyant dressers, he has multiple tattoos, and he sported a pierced eyebrow for a while there, although it seems to be gone now. Taeil is also a big animal lover and has a large collection of tropical fish--he'll even bust out the scientific names for fish when he feels it necessary. Which he sometimes does.
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Great card. And it is okay I understand stand about work. And I hope you feel better and not be bummed.
I love him soo much! His voice is soo amazing!
omg a fellow fish lover!!! Taeil where you been boy?
@sukkyongwanser thanks ^_^ and I feel a bit better