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Will he kill me or will I kill him? The truth to come will rip my heart out and I will kill. He will live as I die and I'll live once he is dead. The truth is painful. Is the truth is a murderer like me? Yes or No? I say Yes.
V (Taehyung’s) P.O.V
It was now 1 am. Airam still wasn’t home. She had texted me earlier saying she was going to be late and for me not to wait up, but I couldn’t help it. She had said she was eating and that something had come up with her family, but that was about 4 hours ago. I called and texted, no answer. (Where are you Airam? Why aren’t you answering…. )
What was even more strange was that even Jungkook wasn’t home yet. I texted him as well and all he said, was that he was working late, unfortunately, and he doesn’t know when he would get off. At times like these I wish I knew where he worked. Every time I asked, he would avoid the question, he would say.
“Ah, you know just around the area. I have more then one job. I don’t wanna talk about work or school.”
I never thought much off it. (Oh! Maybe he is some kind of undercover spy working for the FB.) My thoughts ran wild. Around 2am, Airam still hadn’t answer and Jungkook wasn’t home either. I couldn’t stay up any longer and fell asleep on the couch waiting. Around 5, I woke up to the door opening. Jungkook walked in wearing a Hoodie so I couldn’t quite see his face.
“You got off late!” I said. He just mumbled and nodded his head as he walked to his room.
“Is Airam noona here?” Jung kook asked.
“No she never showed up. I’m worried.” I said. Jungkook stopped walking. And that’s when I noticed someone thing was off. Standing up, I walked over to him.
“What happened to you?” I asked trying to get a good look at him. He turned away.
“Nothing. Leave me alone, I’m tired and it's late. Go to bed, hyung.” He said trying to walk past me. I grabbed his jacket and pulled him. The hoodie fell off and I saw a small cut on his neck and eyebrow. He also had a small bruise in the corner of his mouth.
“Who did this to you!?” I was shocked.
“Don’t worry about it, hyung. Can we talk later today? I’m really tired.” He said to me walking into his room.
“Goodnight, hyung.” He said before closing his door shut. (What in the world…. ) With no answers, I went to bed with a worried mind.
My alarm went off around 6 in the morning. I was super sleepy. I kept tossing and turning, worried for Jungkook and Airam, who never showed up. Today I had classes and I knew Airam did too, but I wondered if she would even show up. I showered and got dressed. I went and checked on Jungkook. He was in his bed sleeping soundlessly. I left.
As I walked to school I saw someone walking in my direction. I recognized that it was Airam. I ran up to her calling out her name. I slowed when I saw she wasn’t responding and she was limping. As the gap got smaller I saw she had a busted lip and her hand was bandaged. Her eyes had dark circles and she looked exhausted.
“Ai….Ai...Airam are you okay?” I asked, but she didn’t respond nor stop walking. She walked right past me.
“Airam?!” I grabbed her shoulder and within a second, I was flying through the air upside down and then I hit the ground hard.
The air was knocked out of me and my back hurt. Airam had thrown me over her. I looked at her and her eyes looked dark and empty. I felt a little scared and almost didn’t recognized her. I had never seen her like this. I saw her blink and saw life slowly come back into her eyes. Recognition of who I was hit her and what she had just done.
“OH MY GOD. Oh, oh my stupid me.. V…Tae, I’m sooo sorry! I-I-I didn’t know it was you…. I swear, I thought it was a stranger. Tae, please forgive me…” She said trying to help me up to my feet.
“You. you didn’t know it was me?! I was calling to you. You walked right past me! Ha, I didn’t know you could do that. The heck…” I said.
“Please I’m sorry, I just had so much on my mind I wasn’t thinking clearly. I’m sorry Tae…Taehyung?” I looked into her in the eye saw the regret.
“That…was…awesome! It hurt, but it was so cool!” I said excitedly. She busted out laughing.
“Of course YOU would find it awesome.” She laughed.
“Airam what happened?” I asked, now that I knew she was back on earth. “Who did this to you?” I touched her mouth and grabbed her right hand that was bandaged. She pulled away.
“You don’t need to worry so much V. I had a cat fight that’s all, I took care of it.” She answered smiling forcefully.
“You got into a fight with a cat? Damn, that’s one strong kitty. Can't believe you lost to It…” I whistled. That made her smile for real with a giggle in the end.
“Goof.” She said looking me in the eye. “I got into a fight with a girl and to answer the question in your head, yes, I did beat her up, she got K.O.” She smirked.
“GOOD.” I responded. I felt like she was lying but I didn’t push it. Airam is a stubborn girl. “You going back to the apartments?” I asked.
“Yeah, I'm tired. My family and the fight wore me out…” she said as she rubbed the back of her neck.
“Back to your place?” She nodded her head. “You can go back to mine if you want, your bag is still there and Jungkook is too, he was asking for you.”
(WAIT! Jungkook also had wounds from what seemed from a fight…. When he got home he asked about her…could those two…nah, no way they would fight each other….right? )
“Tae!” Airam yelled my name, confusion covered her face.
“What, what?” I replied.
“You spaced out boy. Did you even hear anything I said?” She asked. I shook my head making her sigh. “I said, ok just give me the code and key or card.”
“Ah ok. The code is 1010 and here.” I handed her the key card. She took it out of my hands and then hugged me, it kind of caught me off guard.
“REALLY, really sorry about dropping you to the ground. See ya later!” she said as quickly as she let go of me and headed to the apartments. I watched her until she disappeared out of my sight. For some strange reason, uneasiness settled deep in my bones. (…Airam…)
AIRAM's (Your) P.O.V.
Gosh, running into V like that and having to lie drained me. I was, now, officially exhausted. I had forgotten all about the incident that I had with Momo in my apartment at the moment. As I walked inside and forced myself to climb the stairs, I almost lost my footing when I saw a pair of familiar shoes, legs, torso, then face. (…Oh Crap…)
Eyes filled with anguish and confusion stared at me. (Jimin.) He immediately grabbed my hand and pulled me the rest of the way up the stairs to our apartment room. He opened the door, not once letting go, and slammed it shut behind us. I was slight suspicious of him, wondering if he plans on killing me or something. I was 100% sure Momo told him everything that happened, her version. And I was right.
"I've been calling all day and night! Where have you been?" He said as he stopped in the middle of the living room, back facing me, still holding my hand, a little tightly.
"I know what happened." He whispered.
I didn't quite know what to say so I stayed silent and examine the place. (A little messy.) He spun around and my body tensed up by how sudden it was. He eyed me and got closer. I was starting to have trouble breathing. I flinched a little when he touched my lip. I don't know if it was out of fear or pain or something else. I saw his brow knit together, anger in his eyes.
"Who. Did. This." He growled. That was the first time I ever heard Jimin speak like that. He always looked and sounded cheerful, calm, to me.
"I-I…uh… " I stuttered. ( Wait why do I feel guilty? This isn't any of his business. What if I put the blame on moms?…Nah.) "Why do you care ?" that caught him off guard. He let his hand drop and let go of my hand as well. " It's none of your business."
"Look…" He sighed, running his hand through his hair. (Damn those sexy cowlick…FOCUS AIRAM!) "There is something I need to tell you."
I eyed him and slowly made my way to the sofa noticing the way he stalked my every move as if he expects me to run off. (This is my home buddy…I ain't leaving…but you may have too.) I thought to myself. He waited for me to get comfortable and then he placed himself in front of me, sitting on the coffee table.
"I'm sorry for what Momo did … she thought you were …" He paused and I waited. " She thought you were going to shoot her. She thought you had a gun. How did you even escape?" I gave him the -are-you-crazy- look.
"Uh, through my bedroom window… and why would I have a gun and why did she have a gun??" I shot out. Jimin looked down and his eyes moved side to side, thinking. (Is he nervous?)
"That's what I want to talk to you about… Momo is an undercover federal Agent…" He watched my reaction. I just stared at him blankly. He turned his head to the side waiting. My brain slowly processed what he had just said. (Oh … OOOOOH! ) It hit me. (SHIIIIIIIIT!)
"Does that mean that other guy…uh minty hair, is also an agent?" I asked.
"Suga? Yeah." He answered. " Wait, how do you know Suga?" (Oh monkeys, me and my big mouth.) My eyes widen and my mouth stayed shut. It dawned on him. "You were awake that night, weren't you?!"
"Heh…yeeeaaah…sorry." I said sheepishly. He stood up abruptly.
"What all did you hear!?" I didn't know what I should and shouldn't tell him.
"I don't quite remember…I was still half asleep to be honest. I just remember hearing the words; annoying Momo, lazy Suga, and boss…" Half truth. I saw him ponder and slightly nod his head.
"Wait…" He looked at me. I was uncomfortable with how close he was to me. "Does…does that mean you are also an undercover… federal…agent?" I asked warily.
"Yes and YOU can't tell anyone any of what we are talking about, understand?" I didn't like his answer one bit, but I nodded in agreement.
It went awkwardly silent. Jimin stared at me and I stared…well elsewhere. I thought about everything that has happened since Amy moved out. Now I knew why sometimes Jimin would come home late and was somewhat secretive. I sighed from all the stress that was now filling my entire body. If Jimin found out who my family really was, if he new who I really was, I'd be in DEEP poopoo. I was curious to know who these targets of his were but if I ask that would give me away, He would definitely know I listened in on all his conversation. I couldn't believe he trusted me enough to tell me all this. It really made me think why. A questioned popped up in my head and even though it was one that could get me into, i had to ask.
"Is that the reason why you were so stubborn about my lawyer I was talking to that night?" I asked not quite looking him in the eyes. " You mentions something about Black… Black…"
"The Black Dragons…and yes…" He replied, his tone was serious. " I thought your…lawyer/uncle was part of theBlack Dragon gang and that maybe you were part of them…" His eyes studied me carefully.
" Ah… I see… You really thought I was part of this gang pure talking about?" I was actually curious about his answer.
"Honestly… I did…but that's not the case." He responded. (Wow, if only you knew…)
"If I may ask… Why do you have to do with this gang?" He sighed heavily. I almost thought he wasn't going to answer me and that I would have to find another way to get the information.
"My job is to rid them of this world. Imprison them with evidence that I need to find… I need to know what they are planning…" He sounded tired. "But, it's hard to get anything on them and I have to much on my plate now…"
"Like what?" I pushed. He rubbed his face and I saw a hint of sadness in his brown eyes.
" A friend, co-work has been missing for about a month or so…and I'm worried…" He voiced.
"So a friend, who is also an undercover agent, is missing… What's his name?" I don't why I cared to know, but it just slipped out of my mouth and I regretted it.
"Jin." a chill ran up my spine and I paled. "and that's not all. My boss gave me another mission as well and that's to find these to assassins."
"Uh, I-if I can ask who these a-assassins are?" Fear was building up in my stomach and I want to throw up.
"The Death angel and the Black wolf…" He had been looking at his chance since he mentions Jin's name that he didn't notice my expression.
I wanted to pass out, I felt like no oxygen was getting to my brain. The death angel was a force to be reckoned with, an invisible killer. I have heard of this assassin and I never want to encounter him, ever. He practically showers in his victims blood. I wanted to run out of there, run away from Jimin, away from this town. I stood up and walked to the kitchen. My mouth was dry so I grabbed a glass of water and tried not to chug it. Jimin stood up as well, but stay in place, hands in his pockets.
"Mmm…" I needed to get out, I need to think. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and pretend to look at a text message I never got, because my phone was turned off. " Hey I have to go meet a friend, so I'mma go ahead and go." He it looked like he was about to protest.
"And don't worry, my lips are sealed." With that I left and sprinted down the stairs and out into the open air. I was close to colliding with a girl.
"Ah I'm so sorry…" I said as I steady her. When I looked at her face, recognition hit me.
"OH! You're …" We said in unison.
"Hehe, hi." The girl giggled. "You're the girl who I accidentally ran into last night, right?" I nodded my head. "I'm Gaby."
"Hi Gaby, my name is Airam." I introduced myself.
"Airam, pretty name." I thanked her. "So do you live around here?" She asked.
"Yeah, I live right here in these apartments." I pointed behind me. "What about you?'
"Oh cool, I am actually looking for a place around here, but it's hard to find something decent and affordable." She said as she scan the area. "It's really nice here, peaceful."
"Ah, well there is a room on the fifth floor that's vacant, and yeah it's really is peaceful here." (Sometimes…) I said.
"Oh really!? For how much a month?" She asked taking a better look of the outside of the apartments.
"The room is one bed room, so it's about 5 to 600 dollars, though maybe you can negotiate the price with the owner if you decide to rent. I live right there on the fourth floor, 415." I pointed to my window.
"OH! That's great. You know what, I think I found a place." She smiled and I laugh.
"Then if you like, I can call the owner and help set a meeting for you today." I took out my phone and turned it on.
"Oh my god, yes please!" She beamed. I called YongSun, my step dad.
"Airam." His voices dry and deep as ever.
"Hey, there is a girl here who is looking to rent the room on the fifth floor." I told him.
" 3 o'clock." Was all he said before hanging up. (Dick) I looked up at Gaby and smiled.
"He said he is free at 3 today and you can meet him here." I pocketed my phone.
"OH! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH AIRAM!" She hugged me. I just laughed.
"No problem." I said. " Well I have somethings to do, but if you need anything just let me know."
"Can I have your number?" She asked holding out her phone. I took it, putting my number and name in. "YAY. Oh, can I ask how old are you?"
"I'm 20 years old." I answered.
" Ah, I'm two years younger then you. I'm 18." She said. " Well I'll let you go on your way now. Bye unnie." I waved bye and head off down the road. I really wanted to tell her that 'unnie' was not necessary, but I just had no energy to speak anymore.
(Jin, Jin, Jin…no…it can't be… to can't be the same Jin…) My stomach turned as I remember what Jimin had just told me. (…the Black Wolf…) I let my legs carry me as far as they could. Ignoring the looks some people gave me when they saw my cut up lip and injured hand. I hadn't realized that Gaby never mentioned it, which I was grateful for. (Jin, Jin, Jin) I kept repeating his name.

("I need to fix this.")

I groaned as I tried to it myself up. They beating I had gotten last night really left me a messy. I was tired, thirsty, and hungry. They barely kept me alive, and non-stop interrogated me. I gave them nothing, but yesterday I almost wavered when I saw her. Getting beat never scared me nor did YongSun's stupid dogs, but she did. Dread filled my body, terror filled my bones. I was shaking from it. She was just as scary as 'he' was, the man I met once when I was with the BangTan gang. ( A$$whole SiHyuk.) Big hit, the leader of B.T. had thrown me into this mess. My mission was simple; get into the gang, get close to SiHyuk and, get any information I could.
I wondered if SiHyuk found out I was an agent and that's why he sent me to, supposedly, get a package on this side of town, knowing it was YongSun's territory and I would get caught. (Again, if he really knew then wouldn't he have just killed me or use me? ) I spit blood out of my mouth and I groaned again when I shifted. I was sure I had a few broken ribs.
I sat there, leaning against a wall. Tt was dark, of course, I was in a basement. My hands were tied behind my back and had been like that for a long time. I didn't even know what day or month it was. I felt like I had been in here for years. I thought of Momo and how brave an annoying she could be. I thought of Suga's lazy ass and his good hacking skills. I thought of Jimin and how worried he must be, most likely looking for me, which gave me hope. I know he will find me…eventually.
I closed my eyes, hoping to get some sleep, but I saw her dark, blood lust, lifeless eyes looking into my soul. My eyes snapped open and a chill ran down my spin. (I guess no sleep for me today either.)
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