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The lights were dim and all that could be heard were the sounds of the actors conversing on the big screen. There were only four other people in the theater besides you and your boyfriend Bobby. That night he had shown up at your window and surprised you by throwing pebbles against the glass. You pouted because you were already in your pajamas and begged not to go out, but he insisted. He pleaded that he had to go see the newest action movie that came out two weeks ago. You finally gave in because after all he wasn’t home very often and knew he wouldn’t be able to go to the cinemas anytime soon with his new hectic schedule. You sat there and looked around to the other few people that were scattered about throughout the place. There were two older ladies just two rows ahead of you sitting beside one another, and two other people you couldn’t quite make out sitting all the way at the bottom. You wondered how they could sit that close to the screen and not be in pain from straining their necks to look up at the movie for such a long period of time. The movie was boring you and all you really had wanted to do was sneak Bobby into your room that night and have sex. Not go to some movie, but then it hit you. You could have both. A smirk spread across your lips and you continued looking at the screen, but your hand moved over to Bobby’s thigh. You strategically rubbed his thigh slowly making it seem like you were just giving him affection. After a minute of that, you slid your hand over the fabric of his jeans and to his member. You felt his eyes burn a hole into your face. He moved his hand to yours and took a hold of your wrist. You looked down to the grip he had on you and your smirk grew even wider. With a hard squeeze of your wrist he moved your hand back to your lap and returned his gaze back to the movie. After a couple more minutes passed you returned your hand to his member. You ran the tips of your fingers up and down his length and soon felt how aroused he was getting. You saw him lick his lips out of the corner of your eye. That was the queue that he was beginning to give into you. He got out of his chair and stood suddenly, grabbing you by the hand. His grip on your hand was crushing as he pulled you out of the theater. Even though the pain shot through your hand from his grip, all you could do was laugh at how worked up he seemed to be over this. “Something the matter, oppa?” You teased sweetly as he pulled you through the empty hallway. “Shut your mouth.” He mumbled back coldly. You turned your head to him quickly after hearing his words. Was he being serious? He pulled you through the men’s restroom entrance and bent over at his waist to check underneath the stalls. Once he found the the coast was clear, he pushed open the door to a stall and tugged you in with him. His hands moved to your waist and spun you around quickly to face the tiled wall. “Bobby…” You breathed. He shushed you then put one hand on your back and pushed you to bend over. You felt his clothed groin against your ass and you moaned softly at the feeling of his member rubbing against you. “Since you want to tease, I’m going to have to punish you.” His voice was deep as he spoke. You nodded your head in return and turned so you could look back at him. His hand quickly grabbed the length of your ponytail and tugged on it so you were forced to face forward again. “Stand back up.” He ordered. You stood up and kept your sight forward. “Take your jeans off.” You obeyed and began to undo your jeans and bent over to remove the skinny jeans from your legs. “Underwear too, and stay bent over like that.” He commanded once more. You stayed bent over at your waist and reached your hands back to your panties and hooked your thumbs into the band. He got a show as you peeled them from your body slowly. The sound of his jean zipper unzipping found your ears and you licked your lips in anticipation of what was to come. He positioned the tip of his cock in the entrance of your heat and easily slid the rest of the way into the slickness of your wet pussy. You held the handle of the toilet and moaned as his length filled your walls and stretched you. He was quick to speed the pace of his thrusts. He didn’t hold back as he slammed his hard cock into you. You tried your best to stifle the moans but they soon spilled out of you. “Fuck, daddy. Shit!” You moaned. His hand slipped around your throat and squeezed tightly to shut you up. You moved your hand to his wrist and dug your nails into him as he left you breathless from his grip around your neck. “You’re my naughty slut aren’t you?” He breathed as he continued to thrust deep inside of you. All you could do was nod due to the fact that no words could escape your lips even if you tried. You could feel the sensation of your orgasm beginning to fill your heat. Your hand slipped down to your swollen clit and began to rub as quickly as your hand would let you go. “Fuck, I can feel you tightening around me.” He said as he moved his free hand to your hip and dug his grip into it. His thrusts mixed with the stimulation of your own hand on your clit soon undid yourself of your own orgasm. You gripped onto his wrist of the hand that choked you and moaned his name over and over again. “Fuck Bobby!” You yelled. After your orgasm had left you, he pulled his length out of you and moved your body aside so that he could cum into the toilet. He groaned as the liquid left his body. You smirked as you watched him then ran your hand down his chest and pushed him gently against the stall wall. Your lips found his neck as your bare lower halves met. “Mmm. Better than any movie huh?” You asked as you moved your lips up his neck to his ear. He smiled and snaked his arms around your waist. With a turn of his head towards yours he planted a kiss on your lips.
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well damn bobby
that gif at the end... I do der if that's the true expression he makes... AHHHHB I NEEDS A MAN NOW!!!