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Hey Melodies! Lemon here filling in for @Jiyongleo. Today's card is about, that's right you guessed who. Changsub!!! Such a cutie this one. Those facial expressions he makes, so goofy. And I'll give you a glimpse of just those many faces of his right after I introduce you to him a bit. So, let's go!
Name: Lee Changsub (이창섭) Birthday: February 26th, 1991 (OMO his birthday is 3 days after mine!) Position: Vocalist Weight: 64 kg (141lbs) Height: 177cm (5'8") Fun facts: We have a nail bitter on our hands here! lol He loves all food! No picky eater here! Aegyo is on point! Favourite number is 27 and favourite colour is black. He used to have a lot of facial issues like acne and wouldn't show his face on camera without photo-shop in pictures and such. Thanks to his amazing company they were able to get him treatment to minimize the acne and scaring. He now feels more comfortable about his skin and mainly his face. (FYI you'll notice this point in the BTOB Diary, he is hardly ever on camera but he's there.)
Now it is time for some dorky faces and things!
I love his smile, he is so charming when he smiles. Even when he doesn't smile. This goof ball is just one big ray of sunshine! Thank you Changsub for being you. Keep being this bubbly person!
@CrystalGuerra heehee thats awesome! @Helixx he is so squishy!
Changsub. Him, my BFF and I are February 26th. but he is 2 years older
I absolutely love our fuzzy little ball of Changsub. He is just so.... squishy.
as me or as changsub?
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