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I am now taking my first official step of being an A.R.M.Y.! I'm sorry for the post that I posted a while back with the rant, but I was just a beginner. I apologize to all A.R.M.Y.s who were hurt or offended by my words. But now, I really can't hide it. BTS is my breath, my mind, my body, my everything. And I can no longer deny that fact. I got this done for my family vaca in South Carolina. We are leaving Friday night and will be there for two weeks. I hope to see some beautiful A.R.M.Y.s there! Love you!
Found this on Facebook. Can you guess the drama?

😊Kpop Fam😊


@aliendestina @sarahdarwish If you would like to be tagged or untagged in future cards, let me know in the comments!Saranghae~❣ 😘✌️
Also love the nails
Playful Kiss
Did you paint those nails yourself? Looks great!
the drama is Playful Kiss! I know bc I'm currently watching it xD
@cindystran no but I'm probably gonna do something like this with my toenails! @CuteBabyLay lol thx❤️
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