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I hope I said that right. Anyway, I said I'd make it, so here I am. Making it. So. Which anime characters am I like...?
1. Haruhi Fujioka This girl, right here, is my spirit animal. She was in high school, and still is today. Indifferent, responsible (I try to be anyway), a little sassy, so done with everyone... XD I also seem to have her gift for attracting groups of people in which I am the only sane woman.
2. Annie Leonhardt I admit it, I share her cynical view of the world, the government, and humanity in general. I like observing the world, as kind of a bystander, and what I observe kinda sucks in general. Personality-wise, we're both pretty reserved and laid-back.
3. Shikamaru Nara We're both lazy. Hell, I was even too lazy to figure out how to make the names bold. XD We'd both much rather play games than... oh god... DO anything. Adulting? No thanks, I'd rather play Minesweeper.
4. Sunako Nakahara We both suck at math, love horror movies and paraphernalia, are violent introverts, and do not find ourselves pretty.
Pay no attention to Krista here... she's only here because I had the image on my phone and I needed filler. It helps that she's cute. XD And that's all I've got for today. Mata ashita! @hikaymm
@DevilsSon Haha, same here... so far it's running in the wrong direction
@AnbuRose yup..pretty much
im a laid back guy just waiting to see what happens to the world 🌎