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Oh my God I need help...I am so obsessed with Reactions Lol I hope I don't annoy or bore you with these Reactions Q.Q Hope y'all enjoy this reaction! ;)

Past KPOP Reactions:

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As the sweet and kindhearted gentleman he is, he would want that moment to be especial, so he would probably cook dinner for the two of you using some silly thing to celebrate as an excuse for it, so you ask him about it he would tell you how he feels.  You: This dinner is great, Jin!  But why are we celebrating your dog’s birthday? Where is he by the way? *giggles* Jin: “Actually Y/N, it’s not about JJanggu, it’s not even his birthday. I know we’ve been best friends for a while but… I really like you way more than just a friend, that’s what this is about. And as I gave you great food, you can’t say no”


Baby Jiminnie would be insecure af. He would want to tell you how he feels so bad, but he would be so scared that you wouldn’t feel the same way about him. He would practice for weeks what he was supposed to say to you (in front of the mirror, while eating, in bed before sleeping…) but everytime he sees you, he would get scared and swallow every word. Until one day, he’d just spit it out of nowhere so fast  you could barely understand. Jimin: WouldYouLikeToGoOnAdateWithMe? *sweats* You: What did you say? *smiles shyly* Jimin: I know we are best friends, but I want that to change so… I’m asking you out. Would you go on a date with me?


Oh man… this dude would go straight to the point.  “I’ve been thinking, why having me as best friend, when you can have me as a boyfriend. Sounds like a great deal to me”


He would be afraid to tell you, but he’d take the risk. He’d be super confident in his head but right before he tells you, his brain would go blank and start beating around the bush without finding the way to actually say he likes you more than just a friend.  Jungkook: Hey, Y/N, we’ve been best friends for so long and you are not dating anyone right now, right? Which is great… I mean, it’s not great, because you are so pretty and so awesome, and you shouldn’t be single…  You: *frowns* Jungkook: Not like being single is a bad thing though, because I’m single too you know?… And oh well… I was wondering if you hummm… I mean, you don’t have to if you don’t want… It’s just a crazy idea that came up to my mind…  You: What the hell Jungkook, I’m not following you at all… Jungkook: You know like… I don’t want us to be best friends anymore… You: UH? Jungkook: That’s not what I meant… *faints*

J Hope:

Like Suga, he would go to the point, but in his own way.  Jhope: Hey, Y/N, I heard you wanted me to be your boyfriend. You: Hoseok… I never said that…  Jhope: Oh but you will. COME HERE, I’M READY.


He would be cool with being best friends with you, and he wouldn’t have any rush to let you know how he feels until he was sure you might like him back. But this clumsy boy would say it without meaning it in an oversight.  You: So, this dude called me yesterday, he asked me out. What do you think? Should I go out with him? V: If I wasn’t in love with you, I would say yes, but as I am… It’s a no from me. You: YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH ME? V: *gif*

Rap Monster:

He’d come up with some deep confession. He wouldn’t be scared to tell you because he knew whether you liked him back or not, he would’ve done the right thing and would have no “what if”s in the future.  RM: Y/N, you are such a wonderful person, I know we are best friends but everytime I look at you I can’t just keep thinking that way anymore, you are just so perfect and funny and smart, I can’t take the idea of us being together out of my head. You don’t have to like me back though, but I just wanted you to know how I feel You: Man… for a second I thought you were going to propose to me or something…

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Taehyung's is my fav XDD Then Suga and Jin
Okay I'm smiling like an idiot XD and laughing like and idiot at jhope if jhope said that I would tackle him but jungkook is so adorable xD I can't
I'll take V's confession any day and Jungkooks.
I love reaction cards! Suga has too much swag!!😅😄Jhope is too cute😊And Rapmonster's deep confession,I wouldn't expect anything else from my genius!
Lmao I loved all of them but V's! And Suga's lol 😂
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