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iKon Challenge D-11
Post dedicated to Donghyuk. Donghyuk's brother💖
He loves his burrito Hanbin💖
I love how he always shows off the pictures they took together on the V app. He always likes to include us haha Thanks Donghyuk
Showing off Bobby's abs...thanks again Donghyuk!
"Don't talk with your mouth full"😂
The way he laughs with his whole body.😂 Hanbin really loves to cling to Donghyuk
His way of saying thanks for appreciating him.
@junhwanbae92 (JuneBae) @PrettieeEmm (Chanwow) @IsoldaPazo (Dongie) @twistedPuppy (Hanbin) @resavalencia (Jinny) @VatchAfandi99 (Bobbina)