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Okay we are on Vingle. It's a community for fun and having a good time chatting about whatever you are into. Now let me get into it. Some of us have boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands or wives. Now I don't know how you run your relationship but please do not have your relationship end up in my inbox. Most people know i have a boyfriend, I been with him a while and he does not snoop through myself and most of all he TRUST me. So if you are cool with me or anything on that level. Please keep your s/o out of my inbox, it's not funny and it's immature. Btw to this person that caused me to actually write a post about this, you will be blocked and reported to Vingle. I did not appreciate being called out of my name for asking a simple question related to DC. And you are wondering why I wrote this card also? Because I bet I am not the only one that has recieved crazy messages from s/o that sounds like they are ready to actually ready to come out and kill me. I warn everyone on Vingle to mind who you are in contact with. When fun turns into something else it's not cool at all.
well, keep vingle as a good community, where nice people meets nice people. if somebody wants to do crap thing, try 9chat. I've been there and that was awful
@AuroraValentine no problem, I try to look out for everyone on Vingle and that was not cool what happened. I have dealt with silly stuff like this on Xbox live before too. I also proceeded the same way. But on the good note welcome to Vingle, if you need any help I'm here. You can always send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I'm also one of the Mods in the DC Community so feel free to join up as well.
@LAVONYORK Wow that person must have been acting like a real psycho and not in a cool way like joker or scarecrow. I just got an account yesterday and I've noticed that all your posts are super fun and positive! It doesn't make sense how someone could wake up one day to decide that they are going to threaten and disrespect innocent people like you who are just trying to have fun. That sounds like a really good idea and if I get into some sort of issue like that with another user on here, I will definitely do that. This is the first social media app that i have seen have people in it who see these problems and take them seariously enough to actually do something about them. I applaud you for that! :D Thank you very much for the advice!
@AuroraValentine yes that's all you have to do. But I took it q step further and wrote to Vingle English and gave the person's handle and told them what happened and they said they would also look out for it too. So if someone is bothering you, report them and just send Vingle English a message to make sure they got it. I covered all bases because I do not want any contact with this person and I also don't want anyone else to go through it as well.
finally someone says it!! I was nervous before getting an account on here because I was afraid of being stalked like i had been before on other social media. then I thought that it is not too difficult to take a persons power away online. all u have to do is keep tapping on that report button right?
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