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Okay we are on Vingle. It's a community for fun and having a good time chatting about whatever you are into. Now let me get into it. Some of us have boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands or wives. Now I don't know how you run your relationship but please do not have your relationship end up in my inbox. Most people know i have a boyfriend, I been with him a while and he does not snoop through myself and most of all he TRUST me. So if you are cool with me or anything on that level. Please keep your s/o out of my inbox, it's not funny and it's immature. Btw to this person that caused me to actually write a post about this, you will be blocked and reported to Vingle. I did not appreciate being called out of my name for asking a simple question related to DC. And you are wondering why I wrote this card also? Because I bet I am not the only one that has recieved crazy messages from s/o that sounds like they are ready to actually ready to come out and kill me. I warn everyone on Vingle to mind who you are in contact with. When fun turns into something else it's not cool at all.