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FINALLY. Time to check out this sports anime about male cheerleaders at an all boys school. Yes, I am excited :3 So much potential!!!!

Thoughts Before Starting :

I used to be a cheerleader (yuppp) so I feel like I might really appreciate some of what they do, though I never went competitive or that intense :P

Anime Details:

Title: Cheer Danshi!! // Cheer Boys!!
Japanese Title: チア男子!!
Episodes: 12
Airing Summer 2016

Initial Impressions:

Wow, I actually really like this. There's just something so appealing to me about the Sports Anime formula, especially when they're basically starting form having no members who know anything about the sport but somehow work through it XD
Anyways, I really love Haru and Kazu's friendship! You can tell they really understand each other & want to help each other in different ways, and that's what's been carrying the show for me so far. There's a character called "Mizo" who is basically a really strict seeming guy, but totally devoted. I don't think he's ever had friends before, but his lines are SO funny & he's really adding to the show!
Overall, the show is just really enjoyable. Every character has an interesting, odd characteristic that makes them worth watching, and the dynamics between people have been believable thus far. The sister/ Haru relationship seems very real, as does the way Haru and Kazu keep reminding Mizo that they barely know him so far. It's just great!

Overall Episode Impressions:

Visuals: 7
Animation: 7
Sound design: 7
Storyboard: 9
World/setting: 7
Character designs: 7
OP + ED: 9
Entertainment: 9
Voice acting: 8

Am I Going to Continue?

I really expected to like this and....I did!!! Yay! I was laughing a lot, the vibe was fun, and the characters so far have all been appealing to me. I love that Haru is going to do this for his friend & hopefully find something for himself along the way! Can't wait for the next EP!!

Bonus Kazu!!!!!

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What I was impressed about was that it's not a high school sports anime. I haven't watched any that take place in university so I'm really looking forward to see more. Annnnd the opening is BOMB
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Just started it and I'm invested in this one.
a year ago·Reply
yep if there's sexy anime guys involved u can bet I'll be watching it
a year ago·Reply
@hikaymm if you like this I think you would also like days it may be because I used to play soccer but its has the makings of a great anime
a year ago·Reply
This anime seems to be very interesting. I can't wait to watch it.
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