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I've mentioned before that I'm a total fangirl! My "geek awakening," as I like to call it, happened about 3 years ago when some friends forced me into Doctor Who, and I was never the same! The long list of fandoms outside of anime to which I belong includes (and don't be afraid to ask for clarification on some of these!) SuperWhoLock, Harry Potter (I'm a proud Hufflepuff! Gryffinpuff, really, I guess; I'm just the tiniest bit more Hufflepuff than Gryffindor), Game of Thrones, the "Whedonverse," Marvel and DC comics (relatively new to those), Once Upon a Time (kinda only watching for Hook anymore), American Horror Story, Merlin, and RWBY (debatably still anime).
Of course, I don't just sit around and watch TV all the time! I'm also an avid lover of music. My primary instrument is flute (all my flutes are named after Weasleys), but I also dabble a little in guitar and piano (I actually learned to play the piano version of the Fairy Tail theme), as well as a tiny bit of trombone in high school jazz band. I also LOVE to sing! I think my tastes vary widely, but I don't tend to like popular music, mostly because it gets overplayed to the point where it becomes nauseatingly annoying. I tend to listen to cool instrumental music, like Two Steps From Hell, Nightwish, Lindsey Stirling, and video game and film soundtracks/covers, as well as acappella music, and a lot of Japanese music, like ONE OK ROCK and stuff I've discovered through anime. But some of my other favorite bands to listen to include Paramore, Secondhand Serenade, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Lifehouse, Daughtry, Christina Perri, and Hanson. I'm not a Taylor Swift fan, but I threw in a kickass cover of "Blank Space" by I Prevail for your enjoyment which I just can't get enough of, as well as "Winterspell," the first piece I discovered by Two Steps From Hell; you should check it out! I'd like to try my hand at writing and performing my own music, but idk if I possess that kind of creativity...
Hope you enjoyed! I suck at initiating contact, but I'm very receptive, so if you ever wanna chat, feel free to hit me up! I tend to be pretty friendly (I think), so don't be shy!
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Me and my sister have been watching Supernatural for awhile! I just started Merlin and oMG I AM ADDICTEDDDD!!
I love merlin
@assasingod thanx😊 I have the tiniest sliver of hope for a sequel Merlin series taking place in modem times or something, but I don't think it will happen😔
@SantaraJones no one does😔
@SantaraJones I'm a Gwaine girl, personally!
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