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Alrighty I'm surprised I could come up with this chapter....hopefully it isn't too bland.... If you missed the last chapter that @SweetDuella wrote click Part 9 for it. Now I know both of us have discussed a few things that will be happening in the next chapters to come...don't know how soon but this story is going to be getting exciting.
“You’re listening to the lovely Diamond and Ruby! Ruby what do you think we have in store today?” “Well Diamond sadly we don’t have a guest today so it’s just us and amazing music.” “Well that isn’t bad we are so entertaining” Sarah said “Before we start and discussions lets listen to some Jams!” Jenni said “Oh my god! Can This Jam go Out to Jimin of BTS?” Sarah squealed into the mic “I don’t see why not. But why?” “Because Rap Monster likes to say that he has no Jams and Jimin definitely has Jams!” Sarah laughed “Jimin if you are listening you are amazing! I’ll be your Jam support.” “Oh my god Diamond you are so weird. Before she says anything else let’s play that song.” Jenni quickly hit play. “What?” Sarah said “I just don’t know what to say.” Jenni said while shaking her head. The song ended. “Ok So I have a few topics I want to hit today and thankfully we have a lot of time for it.” Sarah said “Alright Diamond what is the first topic?” Jenni asked “I have a question for our listeners. What do you think a date is versus a hangout?” “Really Diamond we are going to have this discussion?” “Yes, Yes we are. Ok so to add a little info to this. Yours truly and Ruby ended up going on what I call a date. Ruby say’s it was a group hang out, but we weren’t even together most of the date, not until we had to go home.” “I say it was a hangout because we all were together. But the fact that Diamond got a kiss makes it clear why she says it was a date.” “Ruby!” “What?” “Well if we are just sharing secrets you got kissed too.” Jenni just laughed at how childish Sarah was being. “Let’s hit the first caller up.” Jenni said pushing the button. “Hello, you’re on the air! What is your name?” “Hi I’m Jesse, I Love listening to you gals.” “Hi Jesse! So what do you think? What was it?” Sarah Jumped straight to her question. “Honestly that sounds like it was a double date. Normally they start and end with both couples but in the middle they go off on their own.” “So I was right!” Sarah said poking Jenni’s side “Yea yea that’s just one thought.” Jenni said pushing Sarah away. “Can I ask who they were?” Jesse asked “Well... They are some pretty amazing guys.” Sarah said looking at Jenni “But we won’t say who they are because they might not want people to know about it.” “Oh darn, I was hoping it would be someone you interviewed.” “Well it might be but it might not be, the world may never know.” Jenni said getting ready to end the call. “Thanks Jesse for calling in” Sarah said before Jenni hung up. They took a few more calls where Jenni was told over and over again that it was a date. “Alright Now we are going to listen to some music for a little bit.” Jenni said hitting the button for the music. “Wow that wasted a lot of time; I didn’t think that many people would agree with you Sarah” “Ha I figured.” Sarah pulled out her phone and text someone. “So what do you have in store for us next? “ Jenni asked “Well I was wondering if you would have a song you want to suggest to our listeners to listen to?” “Oh I do! Are we going to start doing that on Fridays?” “I thought that would be a fun thing to do.” “I Love that Idea.” “Alright after a few songs I’ll start it off. And then the songs will be on our web page so people can go download them.” “Awesome”
Here are the 2 songs that we both picked to share....hope you guys enjoy them.
After 3 songs Sarah came back. “Alright we are starting something new this week and I hope you all enjoy it.” “What are we doing today Diamond?” “Ruby I’m really excited about this.” “What is it?” “Song Suggestions, from us. Every Friday We will let our listeners hear the song that has been in our brain for the week.” “This is so exciting. I have a lot of songs that are stuck in my brain.” “Ha I know that. “ “Diamond start us off, what is stuck in your brain?” “This song is just perfect for me, and I think that maybe things will start to change for me.” “Oh man since you guys can’t see this Diamond is getting all shy she’s blushing here. I think this song has to do with a certain someone.” “Any ways…. The song is called Dear No One by Tori Kelly. Yes it is an English song. This is what is amazing about our suggestions they can be any language.” “Let’s hear it!” Jenni said and Sarah hit play. “Sarah do you think he is going to listen?” Jenni asked *Ding* “Yup he said he loves that song, He is addicted to it but he can’t sing along with it.” “He probably needs the lyrics.” “Yea. So what is your song?” “It’s a surprise” she said “Ok” Sarah’s song ended and Jenni got her song ready. “Alright and here is my song. It is called Good Boy by GD and Taeyang; I hope you all enjoy it.” After the songs were over Jenni saw Sarah bouncing off her seat. “Alrighty listeners what do you think Diamond has in store for us. We have gone through a few things she needed to talk about. I think we let her keep the reins on this a little bit longer. What do you think?” “Of course let me talk. Today I have a lot to say.” Sarah smiled “Oh man what is it?” “Soooo I was watching something this afternoon…” “Oh I think I know what you are going to talk about.” “You do?” “Does it have to do with BTS?” “Dang Ruby you know me too well, yes. Let me clear this up for new listeners….YES I AM A HARDCORE BTS FAN… I AM AN ARMY. So I talk a lot about BTS… it just kind of happens.” “Yes Diamond has been a crazy BTS fan for a very long time and her finally talking to them a few days ago was a life goal.” Jenni added “Best thing in my life!” “Ok… now what exactly did you want to point out?” “Oh right! So I watched them this morning…. And I have come to terms. I NEED to go on a vacation with Jimin!” “What why just Jimin?” “Did you see what him and Rap Monster did walking to the top?” “Ha yes I did, Dancing to Fire. Gotta love it.” “I died laughing! Like Jimin would be the best to be around when you’re stressed.” “I agree….but what about V?” “God V will forever be known as my best friend even if he doesn’t acknowledge it.” “Hey what about me?!?!” “Ruby you are my Best Girl Friend V is My Best Guy Friend.” “That is if he accepts that.” Jenni laughed. Then grabbed the mic. “Hey V if you are listening can you call in? We need to know if you would be ok being best friends with this crazy girl!” “Hey wait…. I want to be friends with all of them!” “Too bad you said V was your best friend.” “Ruby!” “Oh look callers let’s see if V is one of them. Hello who is this?” “My names Mark.” “Oh Mark of HOT7?” “Diamond! You can’t call GOT7 HOT7 to their face if it was him.” “Ha well it’s a good thing I’m not from the group. I was calling to see if I could request a song?” “Oh yes dear, what would you like to hear?” “Can I hear Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang?” “Of course I will probably end up dancing to it.” Sarah added. “Well play it next, Thanks for calling.” She clicked the button. “Hello who are we talking with?” “ITS V” He screamed into the phone “OMO!!! V is actually listening to our show!” Sarah squealed. “Yea we all have been listening… Diamond my answer is Yes I would gladly accept you as my Best Friend! You can Claim me as your Best Guy Friend.” “Yay!” Sarah said and did a happy dance. “Oh man why did you have to say that, she’s too happy now! She’s dancing!” “Ha sorry…” there was movement and then a new voice popped on. “ Diamond lets go on a road trip!” “Who is this?” Jenni asked “It’s Jimin.” “Oh my god really? Will you do what you and Rap Monster did?” “Ha only if you do it with me.” “Yay I’m making more friends!” “So that is a yes?” “Yeah! “Man Diamond you are a social butterfly with all the members of BTS.” Jenni said “But I wonder how Kookie is doing?” she added in “Where is Kookie?” “He is taking a shower.” “Oh my god! Why did you tell her that! She is going to think dirty thoughts now!” Jenni was trying to hold in her laughs. “Ruby… why do you have to reveal my inner thoughts!” “Because I’m getting you back for all the evil you have done to me.” “I’m not that evil…” “Oh Oh speaking of Horror…” “No one was saying anything about horror.” Sarah said with a straight face “Shh… Since I have you guys on the phone who do you think would die first in a horror movie?” “J-hope” They all said “Why?” “He is the happiest of us all and would just be an easy target.” Jimin said “That’s so mean.” We heard in the back ground. “Alright guys thanks for calling in but now we gotta get back to some songs.” Jenni said getting ready to end the call. “Have a great evening!” Sarah added and then Jenni ended the call. “Alright when we get back from the song we will continue this conversation on Horror Movies.” Jenni hit the button one more time and some more music hit the airwaves.
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I'm loving this. I actually wish this was a real radio show
@JaxomB ha we'd probably both get lost together...but eventually find our way back...I get distracted easily as well lol..
@SarahVanDorn But make sure you keep a close eye on him, because like a puppy, he'd get distracted by something and wander away. Before you know it, you've lost Jimin.
@JaxomB my god yes I don't think it be boring to hang with him
Watching that episode, I kept thinking Jimin is such a little puppy dog.....I wanted to pat him on the head.