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Why hello everyone!

Surprised? Well, then I am glad to have caught you off guard! XD
So, this idea has been circling around for awhile and after writing the first chapter, I was too eager to wait so here it is! Let's see what this new fanfic is about!
(Credit to owners of pictures and gifs!)


"Oh, hello!" I waved at you. "My name is Na Ra. What is yours?"
"Okay fine, don't answer me." I sighed, turning my head away. I then came back to glance at you again to find that you were still here.
"So since you aren't talking, I am assuming that you are here to find out what happened to me? Or to be bored by my story?"
You looked at me confused.
"Hmm...where should I start..."
"Oh I know! How about the fact I am dead!" I started laughing. Your eyes widened.
"Funny right? No? Not even a sense of humor huh?"
"And so, here I am. Still stuck in this house. Confusing right? I thought that I would have passed on by now, but then I realized why I am still here. I have regrets. Two to be exact.
"One was the fact that they were never able to find my killers. That changed about a week ago after they finally caught them, robbing another place."
"The other regret is something a little more personal. You can't laugh at me okay?" You nodded in response.
"My...other regret...is that I died a virgin. I know. Silly, huh? I am -was - 20 years old and I hadn't even had my first kiss yet. But I did like someone. His name is Junior. He was in my Sociology class in college and I instantly fell for him.
"But there is no way, that this regret is ever going to be solved. I can't even leave this house and he didn't even know that I existed, being the awkward person I was with people." I sighed.
"Wait!" I screamed out suddenly, making Minnie, my cat, phase through the roof out of fear. "I forgot that people were moving in!"
"Omo! Is that Junior?! It is! Oh my god what are the chances! He is the boy I was telling you about!"
"This means that I can finally pass on! My last regret has showed up to my door and this is my chance! Now... let the love games begin."

Interested? Well there is more!

Let's introduce the characters, shall we?

Na Ra

Won't be able to pass away until she loses her virginity
Is able to touch things and become tangible on rare occasions
Liked Junior before she died
Somewhat of a pervert


Na Ra's cat
Loves Na Ra
Eventually...gains the ability to...;)


Show up every now and then
Can't talk
Helps Na Ra along with her journey
Also, only showed up in the first place for the hot guys...


Moves into the house Na Ra inhabits
Is the only member to see her all the time
Starts to fall...


Na Ra's Crush
Adorable (smile kills)
Did he ever notice Na Ra? Why yes. Yes he did.

Rest of the band

All moved into the house as well
Just themselves and freaked out by Na Ra toying with them every now and then XD


I think I might be a little too ambitious...writing three fanfictions at once...but meh...why not? LOL
I will also update on Wattpad (like all my other fanfictions) a day earlier than on Vingle so feel free to follow me there! XD
This fanfiction will be updated on Saturdays. So on Wattpad, it will be updated on Fridays/Friday Nights

And why Got7?

When I saw that Got7 was the runner-up for the last fanfiction, I decided that I would give them one! ;)
The first chapter will be put up this Saturday so keep an eye out!
This will be so much fun! I am gonna love this series...I can already tell...
And if you would like to be added to the taglist for this series let me know as I would love to add you! XD
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@Saeda1320 Right? I didn't realize it until after I found the gif how it is kind of similar. But this time...her regret is not getting laid...😉
I'm excited I loved oh my ghostess and this reminds me off it
please tag me😊
Ahhhhhh this sounds so interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to go read the first chapter right now!! Tag me!
oooohhhh me likey lol
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