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I hope these make up for not updating on the BTS TEXT series. I'm sorry I've been busy babysitting my nephews. they're alot of work, they argue about every 5 minutes ~_~ Tagged: @mrsjeon @VKookie47 @RandomName @midnightskieslo @TesneemElAlami @SugaOnTop @JeniseRamos @SusiBosshammer @AnnaArai @Ercurrent @kpopbunny9 @Destiny98 @viviano6 @KarenGuerra93 @amandamuska @jazgaara33 @CrystalBlunt @EdithEGonzalezG @Dalicity @MadAndrea @KPopQuxxnMarie @unnieARMkeY @DanaMichelle @megancurrent9 @takenbykpop
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@flors628 I don't know the whole story but basically some girl posted a pick of her ex boyfriends credit card (or something like that im not sure) and told people to get what ever they want and there were a lot or kpop fans that bought stuff with it and they were basically saying that they're going to jail because of it. I even saw a girl order tickets to Seoul, South Korea. that's basically a summery of it not sure if I got it completely 100% tho just the jist of it
well the whole story that i know is that some 5sos fan posted a picture of her credit card on twitter and kpop fans got ahold of it and posted "buy yourself something nice girlys" so everyone started buying shit and like she said some girl bought tickets to seoul and was successful so she's in korea right now(luck bish) and then some other 5sos fan called the cops on us and everyone started tripping there shit saying that they are going to jail and that how the kpop twitter is going to jail party started
yea ^^^^^ that
Wow. I kind of wanted to know before so I could have bought something haha
@flors628 honestly I was gunna get tickets to Seoul but then I knew I would've felt guilty as hell about it so I chicken out 😂