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Ok this is my GOT7 FLY in ATL. OMG THIS WAS THE BEST DAY OF LIFE I HAD SO MUCH FUN. So I got to the venue at 4 pm because I thought the line would be real long. So when I got there I immediately saw a box of free banners so o grabbed 4 (1 for me, 1 for my sister, 2 for mt classmate and her sister) & then I got my lightstick and Hi-touch pass. I kinda just stood against a lamp for a while because I didn't know anyone there until this nice girl came up to me and started a conversation with me because I looked lonely. Then I got thirsty so I went over to a food truck that was there and got me some Mango Boba Tea. After drinking for a while, my classmate got to to the venue and her sister got the wristbands and merch. We then went around and bought some merch. I got myself a BamBam fansite pinkboy fan, buttons, and I got a Youngjae slogan (the slogan was free). Then I met Emily ( @ercurrent ) and a her sister. We then kinda hung around and stuff got some drinks. Emily then met up with a girl she went to high school with. Then my classmate and her sister came back from the bathroom. At 5:30 pm, we were told to form lines to get in the venue but doors open at 6:30 . We just stood and chat while in line. Then the line started moving and by the time we got close to the doors it was like 7:00 ish. Then I saw JRE! Omg I went to get a photo with him and everyone else saved my spot. When we got through the doors we had to open our bags and the security poked around my bag with an oversized chopstick. Then we all had to seperate because we all were seated in different sections . I was in Row L Seat 6 in the left side. It was much closer to the stage than I thought I was spazzing so much. So the show started and stuff . It was so lit. The crowd was the loudest. "Atlanta is way too hot guys"-Mark. "The people are way too hot baby!"-BamBam. During Confession Song, omg fr Jackson, Mark, and Yugyeom were going through my sections. I like touched Jackson's bicep (it was like gold ISTG), Mark's and my hand like slightly held hands, and Yugyeom omg he literally fully held my hand and looked at me and smiled(probably cuz he realized I was the crazy af girl who screamed like a banshee everytime he sang). During the concert, BamBam waved and did a heart at me and Youngjae pointed and smiled at me, because I'm the only one in my section jumping and holding their names up. So after the show there was the Hi-touch, and omgggggg. So the order was Junior, Mark, Yugyeom, JB, BamBam, Youmgjae, and Jackson. Junior was the first person I saw and he was beautiful they all were beautiful. They were all so tall tho like I was to their shoulders. Junior just smiled, and Mark said "Thank you for coming" and looked straight into my eyes. Yugyeom recognized me again and grinned at me. JB was sitting on the table like the princess he is and did his cute eye smile. BamBam omggggggggg. I asked him to marry me and he didn't hear the first time and he leaned down and closer to my face and then he said yesss omg I almost screamed right there. Then Youngjae and Jackson just both smiled at me. THIS WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE.
The first 2 photos are mine. The 1st one shows how close I was to the stage. The 3rd picture is a photo Emily took. Emily is the one in front and I'm the one in the back with the BamBam fan. The last 6 photos were Emily's view for the concert.
Above are the 2 voice recordings for the Hi-Touch. The 2nd us me right after the Hi-Touch. Click on the little link under the picture to see it!
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