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Hi everyone! Just wanted to say something real quick.... I know I have been taking long to update my fanfics. I'm so sorry about that but I really don't mean to. I am trying to get the next chapters done so I can update soon but lately my brain and my whole body is so tired I have no clue why. Once I open my WattPad to write, I only end up closing it because my brain dies and don't know what to write. I'm sorry I'm taking long to update but it may take a while for me to do so..I hope everyone is patient. I think it's just the fact that I am very upset that I couldn't go see Got7 perform in LA and BTS as well. That may have something to do with it because if anyone noticed, I haven't been posting anything on Vingle either. Again, I am sorry for the wait on the Fanfics. But I will need a break from them for a bit until my mind is clear. I hope everyone understands. I haven't even been in the mood to do something that I love so much....DRAWING! Yup, y'all heard right..I haven't been in the mood to draw either :/ In the meantime I will try my best to upload reactions, fake texts/snaps to help my head feel at ease. Maybe I'll even look at Jackson Videos because well....everyone should know already he is my Ultimate Bias and just watching videos of him or of him singing makes my day. Actually anything of him brightens my day LOL Jungkook and Jimin need to stay away though cause they creeping *sobs*

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@MaelstromVIP @VKookie47 @resavalencia @Chace Thank you guys for your support! Means alot to me so much 😘
♡no worries take your time.. we all need breaks sometimes^^
take your time and take care of yourself - we'll be here waiting for whenever you are ready again. Fighting!! 💪 😊 💜
It's okay take your time, the fam is here when you are😊💙
@JessWang90 Hwaiting!!!!! As a writer and artist myself, I know how you feel. We all get those moments. Yours will pass when the time is right, so don't stress too much over it.
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