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What anime characters am I most like..? I did a card a while back saying that I'm most like Sakura. Things have changed and so has my situation at home. My oldest brother moved in with us. He is legally psychotic. He gets paid for being crazy. That being said. I feel like I'm stuck in the hyuuga manor. My parents have been getting after me for the littlest of things, and Danny gets to do whatever the check he wants. I have back issues and they want me to be like a maid. Alwys have the house clean when Danny doesn't have to lift a finger. So I feel like Hinata stuck in. the same house as Neji Hirashi and Hinabi. That's just how I feel. My personality...I would have to say would still be like the chunnin version of Sakura.I already have a card as to why and I really don't feel like retyping that looonnng thing. If I had to get out of the Naruto Realm... I'd have to say I'm more like... Gon from Hunterxhunter. I can be extremely some minded. That's probably why everyone likes to pick on me. Or I can be like...Amu from Shugo Chara. I don't really know how to act around other humans. That's just a few examples and my brain is already hurting. So enjoy some random pics from my phone!