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I think Garnet has every right to still be mad about the Sardonyx incident. Pearl knows how important fusion is to Garnet. Not only that, but Pearl comtradicts her prior beliefs on fusion from the earlier seasons. (Pearl states that fusion is only for emergencies) Also, I think this situation was resolved far too quickly to be realistic. Honestly! Garnet unfused over the situation. Pearl caused a temporary split Ruby and Sapphire's relationship. What do you guys think? Am I being too harsh?
I think Pearl tends to be a little too harsh too, @KathrynFlathers. But I also agree with @JaredDaigre about it being resolved WAYYYY too quickly.
I felt bad for Pearl. I've been in a similar situation ( not with fusion of course) but me and a group of girls back in 6th grade. I don't agree with what Pearl did and I was upset with her but I understood why she did it.
I agree on that. Pearl is too harsh on things like fusion.