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As Kpop goes more and more global, more idols are coming to Korea from all over the world!

Here are a few idols that call the golden state their home :)

Amber and Krystal from fx :3

Aron from NUEST

Brian Joo from Fly to the Sky

Daniel from DMTN

Eli and Kevin from U-KISS

Jessica and Tiffany from SNSD

(jessica ㅠㅠㅠㅠ)

Nicole from KARA

Mark from GOT7

Andy and Eric from Shinhwa

Joshua from Seventeen

Nichkhun from 2pm

Jae from Day6

California Vinglers let me here you holler!

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Jae is actually born in Argentina 😊 people get confused bc he was raised in California
a year ago·Reply
a year ago·Reply
a year ago·Reply
@nxrry5sauce yep! I added him since the majority of his life was in CA :D i wonder if he speaks spanish at all....
a year ago·Reply
He actually does know some Spanish (I believe) bc when he used to have Twitter he replied to a fan who wrote in Spanish and replied back in Spanish c:
a year ago·Reply