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ok so here is the long awaited prologue for my seventeen fanfic but I have a problem. What should I name it?
Dee looked up into her brother’s eyes. He was finally leaving her to catch his dreams. Her only sibling is leaving. Dee can't wrap her head around the idea of her brother leaving her. She was close to him. No one could get close to her without her freaking out unless it were their parents. Parents. They weren’t there anymore. They had died in their house. She saw them in their last breaths. Hearing “I love you” makes her think of the last words she heard from her whole family and also makes her sick to her stomach.
please tell me if you want to be tagged into the story
@koinii LOL its all good. I usually am too 😂😂
You don't have to use it if you don't want to. Just a thought! XD
Sounds interesting! I would love to be tagged...as for a name...hmm...Close? Since she doesn't like people getting close to her, if she struggles with that a lot, then that would be a good title!
@Lexxcisco that title sounds amazing. I suck at titles is everyway shape and form