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What On Earth Is Going On Here?

It's time for this week's Funny Caption Challenge!

Do YOU know what's going on in the photo above?

The Rules:

1) You can comment with as many caption ideas as you'd like.
2) 'Like' the captions you find the funniest. (Even non-participants can upvote their favorites!)
3) Voting ends at Sunday, Midnight EST. The winner will be announced in a special post shortly after.
4) The winner's entry becomes the Funny Community's featured card of the week! Plus, they get to submit next week's funny photo!
**Quick Note: I cleaned up the tag list to only include people who participated in the past two rounds. If you want to be on the list and aren't (or are ON the list and DON'T!), let me know!**
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That caterpillar was offended and appalled, and is now seeking legal action
a year ago·Reply
That caterpillar had a dream of sitting on top of the world one day
a year ago·Reply
if trump knew how to smile i wouldnt look so bad livin with humans
a year ago·Reply
Who's oh top of the chain now?
a year ago·Reply
can I be added to the list for this?
9 months ago·Reply